10 Unexpected Uses For Essential Oils

Essential Oils


Essential Oils are so popular these days and I use them for just about everything. I have found tons of ways that you would not expect to use certain oils for.

  1. Ginger in an Inhaler Stick to relieve nausea. Whether you are traveling on vacation, having that lovely morning sickness or just overall feeling nauseous try placing a few drops of Ginger in an Inhaler Stick and breath in.
  2. Get rid of that fishy smell after having Salmon for dinner last night. I hate how some things you cook will linger in the house for a few days after you cook it. Place a small pan on the stove with some water in it. Boil the water and add 15 to 20 drops of your favorite oil ( I love Cinnamon). The scent will travel from room to room.
  3. Get Crayon off the wall. So your kid decided to color you a masterpiece. That is great and all, as long as it wasn’t on the wall. Drop a few drops of Lemon on a wash cloth and wipe away the crayon for a fresh and clean wall.
  4. Freshen up your bed sheets in the dryer. This is my favorite. I like to add around 15 drops of Lavender to my bed sheets before I start the dryer. Not only will they smell great, but it will also calm you down before you fall asleep and even help you fall asleep.
  5. Get rid of stinky shoes. After working all week, your shoes may have a very bad smell to them. I know my husband did after standing in his boots all day. A simple way to get rid of it is place a few drops of Tea Tree into them. The next day they will smell so fresh.
  6. Citronella oil. Everyone knows that you can buy those tiki torches to help keep mosquitos away, but did you know you could just skip that and apply some straight to your skin and not be bothered by a single mosquito?!
  7. Keep Fleas and Ticks off Fido. During the summer is when we see a lot of outbreaks of fleas and ticks. Place a few drops of Geranium on them for natural flea and tick prevention!
  8. Grapefruit to lose weight. This may not be unexpected but it is one that you might have forgotten about. Just a few drops of Grapefruit in a bottle of water can help curb your appetite.
  9. Flavor Water. I hate drinking plain water. I love to add a few drops of either lemon or orange to my bottled water. You can add your favorite oil.
  10. Migraine Headaches. There are several different oils that you can use to get rid of a migraine. You can use Grapefruit, Lavender and Spearmint are just a few. You can mix these and place them on a cold rag and place over your forehead to alleviate migraines.

What oils are your favorites to use?

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