Captain Obvious for President

Politics are all that is in the news these days. It really makes my head spin to tell you the honest truth. Keeping everything straight for who is stating what and what they stand for is really driving me nuts. There is one person though that gives it to you straight and that’s Captain Obvious. Yep, he’s running for President. Literally, he’s running.


If you have never heard of him, he is taking social media by storm and is “running” for President one state at a time. I have my own opinions when it comes to politics, but that’s not what this post is for. It’s to show support for a man that gives it to you like it is. has his back and is helping out with a place for him to rest his weary feet at night. They are even giving him everything that he needs to run a successful campaign including running shoes!

Captain Obvious is running from state to state. He may have passed through yours already or is heading your way as I write this. You can follow Captain Obvious on Twitter as he makes his campaign and gives his opinion about the debates. The satirical commentary that he will be providing will make this race even that much more of a hoot. Let’s admit it, this Presidential race has been just that on it’s own. Captain Obvious is here to make you laugh with his wit and charm. He will give it to you straight.


He wants you to follow and interact with him on Twitter. He will be giving you all the updates there and believe me you don’t want to miss them! Make sure that you also check out what he thought of each state that he visited and of the hotels that he has been staying in thanks to

You can also show your support for Captain Obvious by purchasing merchandise or share about him on your own social media. Your friends will thank you if you do. Show your support by tweeting out for #CaptainObvious for President. His campaign is one you will WANT to follow.

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