5 Tips to a Balanced Monday Morning

5 Tips to a Balanced Monday Morning

Sadly, it is Monday morning, again. Glancing down at the kitchen clock and trying to get the last bit of coffee down, attempting to get your children dressed and yourself dressed with only 5 minutes until it is the absolute latest you can leave and still make it on time. Let’s not even think about the unmade lunches (thank goodness for Lunchables). Does all this sound familiar? Being a working mom, even with a stay at home job is not easy! here is 5 easy tips to help you rock Monday and have a balanced morning!


Be Prepared

It is great to always be prepared! Pack lunches the night before, and give everyone their bath at night too. Get all, or as much of, the washing and ironing done on the weekends. While you are doing clothes, go ahead and set out 5 outfits for everyone in the family! Get the kids and hubs in there to help with the clothes too!

Wake Up Earlier

It is already a hassle getting kids up to eat breakfast and get ready for school. Setting the alarm clock for 10 minutes earlier will allow for Mom (you) to get a cup of coffee and wake up before the madness starts.

Keep It Simple

Keep breakfast simple! There are tons of Pinterest ideas for overnight breakfast that a few minutes in the oven and they are ready to go! Another great idea is bananas and cereal bars for those mornings when breakfast is eaten in the car.

Set a Routine

Make a routine for you and your kids and stick with it! Make sure everyone goes to bed at the correct time every night, make sure everyone wakes up at the same time every morning. Our bodies crave a routine and it is easy to get up early when the body is used to it. Sticking with a schedule will make transitioning from the weekend to Monday a lot easier!

Break Up Your Morning

Break up the morning into different phases. An example would beĀ 1. everyone eats dinner 2. everyone gets dressed 3. everyone brushes teeth. Make each phase last about 5 to 30 minutes depending on the task that needs to be accomplished. Having one kid getting dressed and another needed their hair brushed will only lead to chaos. Encourage your family every morning to stick to the tasks and Monday mornings (and every morning) will run smoother.

Monday mornings are already hectic, so let’s make it a little easier! Trying these simple tips to your Monday mornings will help them turn out a lot smoother and less stressful for everyone involved.

5 Tips to a Balanced Monday Morning



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    I needed these tips. It seems like Monday’s are always my worst days. I would like to sleep in and not get up. These are some great tips and will help me.

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