6 Fun Tips To Help Mom Win At Snack Time!

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Being a Mom and having to provide healthy snacks for my little girls while it still being tasty is a job all of its own. Either you find things that are full of sugar are you find things that are good for them but do not taste that great, and honestly, who is going to eat something that does not taste great?! I was so excited when I found out about the newest products from Mott’s. They have come out with yummy fruit snacks that are made with real fruit and natural flavors and colors.

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Mott’s Fruity Rolls gives you the fun of a roll shape that kids love, while giving them 100% of their daily value of Vitamin C with only 50 calories per roll. This currently comes in Strawberry Splash with 10 rolls per box.

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Their second newest product is their Mott’s Fruity Centers. This is my favorite. It has a juicy fruit flavored center, which is also a very popular snack that kids love. These snacks are made out of natural flavors and colors, gluten-free, and made out of real fruit. The Fruity Centers comes in the flavor Mixed Berry and you get 6 pouches per box.

Being a mom, we all know how hard it is to make kids stop for a few seconds and eat a snack, especially a healthy one. Check out my six fun tips to help you WIN at snack time!


Tip 1: Make Fun Fortune Roll Ups. 

This is a fun little treat that looks cool and is perfect for Valentine’s Day right around the corner. They are really easy to make and the possibility are endless for the message you write inside. First you take one Mott’s Fruity Roll and roll it out onto wax paper. Then using a cookie cutter, cut out 2 circles. I was able to get both circles out of one roll. Place one circle on top of the other. Next, using a permanent marker, right a little saying onto a small strip of wax paper or construction paper. I wrote Love with a heart. Place in the middle of the circles. Once you are done with that, first fold the circles like a taco, then bring both sides in together while folding the sides over, to make the fortune cookie shape. Voila! Fun Fortune Roll Ups that kids cannot wait to eat up.


Tip 2: Tic Tac Toe

This one is so easy and fun and something siblings can do together on the weekend. I use a Pop Chef for many different things and it ended up being perfect for this. What you do is take a piece of wax paper and draw out your playing board. Then one player gets to use Mott’s Fruity Centers and the other player gets to use Stars made from Mott’s Fruity Rolls. Stars were made using the Pop Chef. After they are done playing they get to eat up their snacks. My girls have a blast playing this, they cannot wait to see who wins and cannot wait to eat their “play pieces”


Tip 3: Letter Learning Fun

My littlest is not in school yet, but gets to start in the Fall. While her bigger sister is in school we like to do a lot of school related stuff so that she is as prepared as she can be for when she goes into Kindergarten. The Mott’s Fruity Centers are perfect for our school fun. I ask her to make a “K” which is what her name begins with and she gets a kick out of making her letter. This is a fun way for kids to learn how to spell and even write their name. Simply take a pack of the Fruity Centers and ask them to make a letter.


Tip 4: Counting Fun

On with the same learning theme, we are also learning how to count. I picked up these cute little counting trains from Dollar General for our counting, but you could simply write a number on a piece of paper and ask them to show you how many using Mott’s Fruity Centers. Once they are done they will love eating their counters.

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Tip 5: Fun Shapes for Lunch

Kids are more than likely going to eat something if it is made out of fun shapes or in a cute design, which makes this tip a WIN for Mom all around. This is another one I used my Pop Chef with. It took maybe 3 minutes from start to finish, making it even a time-saving snack. This one is made out of Mott’s Fruity Rolls. I used 2. I used a heart cutter for the flower petals, a square rolled up for the stem, a heart for the leaf, and for the center I used a Fruity Center. Aubreigh took these to school with her and now all the kids are wanting one!

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Tip 6: BINGO!!

Here is another fail proof fun way to get kids to eat their good for you snacks. For this activity we used Frozen BINGO cards, but you can Google around for some free and printable BINGO cards. Kids can use Mott’s Fruity Centers for the markers and when they have BINGO they can eat their markers. This is something fun to do when kids get out of school.

There are so many different uses for Mott’s new Fruit Snacks to make them fun to eat. They are also high in nutrition which makes the perfect thing for moms to throw into their purses before they leave for a nice snack when running errands and your little ones are hungry. They are available for purchase at many retailers.

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