8 unusual uses for Personal Lubricant

Personal Lubricant

Don’t be ashamed. I am pretty sure we all have some in our cabinets for one thing or another. If you didn’t know, personal lubricant can be used for more than the um… obvious reason. Check out a few of my favorite uses:
• Lip Gloss – this one works really well if you have coconut oil. You can mix coconut oil with a pack of Kool-Aid mix for a little tint. If you have some water-based lubricant, it is also perfect for chapped lips.
• Been awhile since you took off that wedding ring? You can put a little lub around your ring and work it around a little bit and in a few seconds the ring will come off.
• You know when you get a birthday present or a Christmas present and you go to take the tag off, but that stickyness is still there? You can use a rag and pour a little lubricant on it, then rub it over the price tag and it is like the tag disintegrates.
• I have ran into this problem lots of times. When you are putting something together and you need to add something like WD-40 to get it to go on but you have none. You can use a little lubricant instead and it works even better.
• Oh No! Your putting on your favorite pair of jeans and realize the zipper doesn’t want to move. You can use a little lubricant and lube up the zipper (water-based will work the best) and the zipper will start to work again.
• Have frizzy hair? apply a little lubricant (silicone works the best) to the ends of your hair to tame your mane.
• Ready to head out for a date night with hubby but notice your favorite pair of pumps are looking a little dull? Rub a little lubricant on it and it will make them shiny and even protect them.
• This is one of my favorites!! Running low on shaving cream? Spread a little lubricant when you need to shave, just like you would with shaving cream. Use it just like you would with shaving cream. I have noticed it even makes your skin feel a little more silky and not as dry after shaving.

What are some unusual uses you use for personal lubricant?

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