*Adult* Cherry Limeade Shot

*I received nothing for this post, enjoy*

Cherry Limade Shot Recipe

So mom’s got to have a drink every once in awhile too right? Before they just go insane!! I was playing around one day and made this awesome tasting shot that reminded me of Cherry Limeade. Here is how to make your own! Remember to drink responsibly.

Cherry Limeade Shot

1. Take a shot glass and add in a TBS of Maraschino Cherry Juice.

2. Take a packet of True Lime (If you don’t have or can’t find True Lime, then squeeze the juice of half a lime) and pour into your shot glass. Mix in with the Maraschino juice.

3.  Take some Seltzer water and put just a splash into your shot glass.

4. Add in your favorite Vodka. If you want a more cherry taste, add in a cherry flavored vodka. Fill the rest of the shot glass up with it.

5. Mix and Enjoy. If you are serving at a party, you can garnish with a cherry.

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