Are Tablets or Textbooks Better in the Classroom?

*This is a sponsored post on behalf of Follet. All opinions expressed are my own.*


In this day and age, technology is everywhere. When out and about there is pretty much no corner untouched without a piece of technology on it. Kids these days are starting to learn more and more through technology and tablets than through actual textbooks. I remember Tablets were not even a thing when I was in school and we did not have a computer at home until I was in middle school. Now all over the country kids are learning from tablets instead of textbooks. Check out Follet for even more information. I have decided to make a little post of the pro’s and con’s of each and see where you stand at the end of my post.



• Textbooks are paper, they are right in front of you and many kids might prefer the hands-on learning approach.

• Many times textbooks are included in the registration fees (unless you are in college) and registration fees are low. I think it was only $30 to register my child for school this year.

• Hardly stolen.Tablets are more prone to being stolen, but really, who is going to want to steal a textbook.

• Textbooks are only one subject which is less distraction.

• Readily available for everyone.

• Save the Library. If everyone has a tablet and can Google their own research, who would still use the Library?


• They are made from trees. We are trying to conserve the Trees and having millions of new books made every year is diminishing the trees.

• You may not mark or draw in books. I hated getting a very used book in school and having to deal with other people’s drawings and markings for an entire year.

• Not as updated as tablets. Even though the textbook may be brand new, the information will be old by the next year.

• Books are so heavy and the older the kids get, the more heavier books they are toting around.



• One Tablet = All of your textbooks.

• Saving the trees.

• Constantly updated with the newest technology.

• Opens up the learning environment with unlimited resources.

• You can easily highlight passages on a tablet, make notes and more.

• Tablets are lighter and easier to carry around than heavy books.

• With bright pictures and colorful animations, younger kids will be more eager to learn.


• Price. I could see the price of registration going up if the school provided the tablets for kids to use. Unless parents have to purchase and provide the tablets on top of all the other school supplies parents have to purchase every year.

• Chances of being stolen.. Eek… parents would be so upset if that happened.

•Battery life. I would have to be in the middle of learning and my tablet decides to die and I forgot my charger.

Check out this great infographic on Technology VS Teacher


There are many pro’s and con’s of each and each one is perfect in it’s own way. So let’s discuss!! What do you think is better and why?