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About Artsquish: is all about giving teachers, homeschool families, and parents, everything they need to train young artists.


If you are a follower of my blog then you know that I have a daughter that is obsessed with art. Her favorite class in school is art and I think she would go there every day if she could (she only gets to go there on Tuesday’s). Now while I have one that is all about art, my other daughter is just not into art at all. She is just like me. We can both draw some stick figures, but that’s about as far as it goes. Kaylee did not get into preschool this year and was put on the wait list, so that means that mommy gets to homeschool her this year. I was not worried about teaching her until it came to teaching her art. How was I going to teach her art when I am not crafty or artistic myself? Thank you to ArtSquish I now have no problem coming up with creative things to teach her and fun crafts to do and her sister can even join in on the fun.

Now, what exactly is ArtSquish? It is a fun and easy way to teach your kids all about art. It comes complete with all the tools you need and even a video that shows you how to use the techniques and how to make what you are going to do, all geared toward kids. They do not have the Preschool section built up yet but I used the 1st grade to start teaching Kaylee, which is called the KidsArt section. The 5 goals of teaching kids art at this age is:
1) to enjoy creating,
2) to be encouraged
3) to experience foundational art concepts in a simple presentation that is concrete (as opposed to an abstract idea, which cannot be understood yet), but if they are not interested that is ok.
4) to try different mediums and techniques
5) to begin to learn how to care for art supplies

Screenshot (14)

Our Thoughts: Kaylee really enjoyed doing this. We did the Stars & Butterfly painting which taught Kaylee how to compare wiggly and straight lines, and create 2 oil pastel and watercolor resist paintings: one with white pastel and one with dark pastels.


Price: $16 per month plus you can get a free sample here.

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