Become a PediaSwim Instructor for your community.

I live about 2 hours from Tybee Island, GA and we go there once a year over the summer. We live just a few minutes from tons of lakes and we spend a good majority of the weekends during summer break at Clark’s Hill. It took my girls forever to learn how to swim, and I think me being the over protective parent that I am and trying to teach them myself how to swim took even longer. I want to tell you about this new program I found out about called PediaSwim. Joy McGinty has been teaching babies and toddlers swimming skills since 1992. She uses a unique method which is based on Behavior Psychology.


Did you know that you can become a PediaSwim Instructor for your community?! What is great about this career path is that you can make your own schedule, have an unlimited earning potential, and most importantly, help out your community by teaching babies and toddlers how to swim in a safe environment. Check out these facts:

•What is PediaSwim? PediaSwim is a very unique program that that teaches infants, babies and young toddlers how to swim independently and float for both survival and for fun. The kids are taught perfect rotations to rest and breath. This helps makes side breathing in advanced strokes a seamless transition.

• Why is PediaSwim Training Important? The number one accidental death in children ages zero to four is drowning. Drowning is very preventable.

• How long does the classes take? In just three to five weeks, the children will have learned to swim facing down, kicking in the correct form, and even rolling over to a calm float.

• How old must kids be to join? Children as young as six months can sign up. It is best to get their training in before three years old.

Are you ready to become a PediaSwim Instructors? Head on over and check out how!


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  1. Sarah L says

    I teach a swim class for adults with arthritis and other joint problems. Some people are so afraid of the water. Need to start with the little ones.

  2. Cheryl Weber says

    I think it important for kids to learn how to swim. This sounds like a wonderful program!

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