The Bouqs Hot Lava Flower Bouquet Review

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The Bouqs goal is to deliver amazing, longer lasting fresh flowers, that are brighter, affordable, and easy to order. Chief floral designer and flower guru, Eric Buterbaugh sees designing bouquets as his way of making the work a better place. The flowers come from farms in South America or California, that care and respect the environment and their workers; the farms provide living wages, healthcare, childcare, and adult education.

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Sweet Southern Lovin had the opportunity to work with The Bouqs again! This is an amazing company. I reviewed their Rise N’ Shine Bouquet, and they have quickly became my favorite flower company. When I was contacted by them again, I couldn’t say yes quick enough. This time around I picked the Hot Lava rose bouquet. These flowers are unlike any other flowers. These flowers are picked fresh from sustainable farms on a volcano!! The roses were pink and yellow. I have never seen more vibrant flowers than these. When you order from The Bouqs, your flowers are picked and delivered within 3 days of your ordering!! Did you know most other flower companies take 5 days for delivery, and an additional 2 to pick the flowers. The flowers are already a week old by the time they even make it to you. At The Bouq, their flowers arrive within 3 days AND they last almost 3 weeks!!! How can you beat that?? The flowers are carefully packed, including food for them, and shipped from Ecuador. The Bouqs also offers flowers picked fresh from California too. I received 12 roses, which was only $40. That also includes shipping. They offer a deluxe bouquet for $50 and a grande bouquet for $70.

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Mother’s Day is coming up and there is still time to get them the best bouquet of flowers ever!! If you order through THIS LINK you will $10 off your first order!! Only $30 for a fresh, vibrant set of flowers!!

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If you are looking for the perfect gift for Grandma, Mom, Significant Other, or anyone I suggest visiting The Bouqs. They will love it. To see all of the bouquets of flowers that are available visit here. Also they are running an awesome Mother’s Day Special. If you order for early delivery on May 7th or 8th you will get a $5 rebate.

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  1. Sandra K VanHoey says

    They still look great after 2.5 weeks. I have had flowers in the past from other companies that didn’t even open up.

  2. Sandy Cain says

    Thanks for the review on this! I sent flowers from another company a few months ago, and was VERY displeased. I have been looking for another reputable company, and the The Bouqs may be it! Plus, it’s much more affordable. Thanks for the 411 !

  3. Lauryn R says

    These flowers are beautiful! They look so vibrant in the pictures. I wish someone would show this company to my husband. 😉 The price comparison is unbelievable!

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