Bring the Power to your home with “Barbie in Princess Power”

About Barbie in Princess Power: “GET READY TO SOAR! Barbie stars as Kara, a modern-day princess with an everyday life. One day, after being kissed by a magical butterfly, Kara soon discovers she has amazing super powers allowing her to transform into Super Sparkle, her secret, crime-fighting alter ego who flies around the kingdom ready to save the day! But it’s not long before her jealous cousin catches the butterfly and also transforms – this time into Dark Sparkle, her nemesis. Their rivalry takes to the skies, but when they discover the kingdom’s true enemy, can they put aside their differences to form one super team? Soar to new heights and discover that there’s no greater power than the power of friendship!”

What girl doesn’t love Barbie? I know I do, and so do my girls. Soon you too will be able to see Barbie in a brand new movie!

Barbie in Princess Power will be released on Blu-ray™ and DVD March 3. It’s a fun, colorful, and bold movie that will catch your little one’s attention and have them smiling, laughing and learning all throughout.

In every Barbie movie we have watched, there are cute stories and important lessons. As a parent, I love that they have plots that are not just entertaining, but informative as well. In Barbie in Princess Power, you learn it is better to work together than alone.

Barbie in Princess Power will capture attention immediately with vibrant scenes, including Princess Kara’s royal look and her colorful style as superhero alter ego Super Sparkle!

I especially loved this movie because it has two cousins – Princess Kara and Princess Corinne – who have to learn to work together instead of competing against each other. It shows my girls how when they work together, it makes things easier and more fun for all! This movie was so enjoyable for them… as you can see; they were fully locked into it.

My girls’ thoughts on the movie:

McKenzie: “I loved the movie because they worked together. Also. I loved it because the parents worried about them and that is what parents are supposed to do. Oh YEAH! I loved the pets in it too!”

McKayla: “I loved the pink butterfly that kissed Kara and she became a superhero and I also love that the pets became superheroes too!”

You don’t want to miss out on this movie. It is great not only for the little girls in your life but the whole family. Take a look at the official trailer to get a sneak peek at Barbie in Princess Power.

You can purchase Barbie in Princess Power at these retailers:

Walmart  | Target | Amazon | iTunes | Mattel

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  1. Rosie says

    This sounds like a great one, both for the plot itself and that it has good precepts! And only a few days away!!! Yippeee!

  2. Rebecca Parsons says

    I love how sucked in they are watching it. I can imagine my granddaughter would love this.

  3. Shannon F says

    Cute pictures. My little girl loves the Barbie movies too, I will be adding this one to neverending wishlist! lol

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