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Build-A-Bear has been putting smiles on kids faces since 1997. Maxine Clark founded the Build-A-Bear workshop, which was a teddy-bear themed retail-entertainment experience. She remained the Chief Executive Bear until June 2013. Today you can find over 400 Build-A-Bear Workshops worldwide with over 120 million furry friends adventuring around the globe. It is such a fun process for kids to experience. First you get to pick out the animal you want. They offer tons of other animals besides a bear, such as kitties, dogs, rabbits, and more. Once you pick out your bear you can add your own Build-A-Sound message from pre-recorded sounds or songs. Once you have done that you head over to the Stuff Me station where you help give your animal the perfect stuffing. Something magical also happens here. You also pick out a heart that you place in your hand and make a wish and place it inside of your new friend. After you give your bear a hug he is then stitched up using Build-A-Bear unique and patented pre-laced system. Then the fun begins, you can give your bear a fluff treatment and the spa, name him, and dress him. Once you are all done you get to take him home and have a forever friend.

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Sweet Southern Lovin had the wonderful opportunity to work with Build-A-Bear for the second time. This was Aubreigh’s first year in school, so when I was contacted by them, I knew exactly what I wanted to get. Teacher’s do not get nearly half the recognition that they should. I went with the Superhero Cheerful Monkey for Aubreigh to give to her teacher the last day of school. The 18in. Cheerful Monkey comes with a Superhero T-Shirt with cape, jeans, and black canvas high-tops. In my opinion, Teachers are super heros and this fit Aubreigh’s teacher perfectly. As always, Build-A-Bear outfits are made out of very high quality materials and can hold up to anything. The Superhero Cheerful Monkey is currently sold out, but you can still purchase the monkey it self, and there are a lot of other friends that would love to be a part of your family.

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When we received Mr. Monkey, he came in his own cute little box with all of his clothes and his birth certificate all packed nice and neat.On the birth certificate you can put the height, weight, fur color, eye color, and a place for their nameame. Along with the birth certificate came a unique ID number and Key Code for your little ones to play with their new animal online for free at

Build-A-Bear offers tons of animals. Head over here to check out all the adorable animals you can adopt into your family and the accessories you can buy!  Right now you can get FREE SHIPPING with a purchase of $40 or more!

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  1. Alison Gibb says

    This wasn’t around when my son was little. He would have liked it. Kids love anything that they have made themselves!!

  2. Natalie Brown says

    Hi, This is such an awesome teach gift!! I bet she loved it. The Build-A-Bears are so much fun. Thanks for the review & information!

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