Build & Imagine Marine Rescue Center Review

About Build & Imagine: Build & Imagine toys aim to expand a child’s possibilities by developing foundational skills for the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). These are fields in which women represent only 24% of the workforce, leading to what the President has termed a “gender gap in innovation”.

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Sweet Southern Lovin recently received the opportunity to work with Build & Imagine. My daughter is obsessed with building. She has told me many times that she would love to be an architect. Combine that with her love of animals and the ocean and I knew that Build & Imagine would be the perfect toy for her. So what makes these toys so great? Well lets start out with how easy they are. The walls are magnetic so they are easy to build with. Each wall is beautifully colored and designed with amazing attention to details. There are literally millions of different designs you would make with just one Build & Imagine set.

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After looking at all of their great sets, my daughter decided on the Marine Rescue Center. In this set includes Thea Doll, 15 dual sided ilustrated building panels and more than 30 magnetic accessories. When we received it I was really amazed. There is so much to do in the rescue center. There is a dolphin pool, sea lion pool, operating room, lab, fish kitchen and so much more. The magnetic accessories were just as detailed. On the panels there are stars to show that there are magnetic pieces that belong on that panel, but it can still be created to however you would like to do it. The building pieces are very strong and durable and seem like they will be able to stand up to a lot of rough playing. My youngest is 4 and she was able to enjoy this just as much. I would not suggest it for younger than 4 though. There are a lot of small magnetic pieces.

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Since receiving their building set, they have played with it multipe times a day. As I am sitting here writing this review, my 4 year old is over there playing with it. If you would like to purchase your child one today, visit here. Also available is Day at the Beach, Malia’s Beach House and Coastal Community Collection.

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    I am glad the girls are enjoying our Marine Rescue Center!! Thanks so much for posting this. Cute photos! I am glad to hear you appreciate the illustrated details. We are really focused on those as ways to spark imaginative play / storytelling.

    Thank you!
    Laurie Peterson
    Founder & Inventor

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