Caribbean Berry Splash

Caribbean Berry Splash 10

During the summer I am always looking for delicious drinks that I can make into a mixed drink or serve it without alcohol for my kids. This Caribbean Berry Splash is not only the perfect mixed drink with Coconut Rum, but you can make it without Rum from a perfect and delicious drink for kids. Check out the recipe:


Serving Size: Pitcher portion 

• 3/4  bottle of Trop. 50 Berry juice

• 1 Lime ( juice )

• 1 lime ( garnish )

• 20-30 Blueberries ( 1/2 pureed 1/2 as garnish )

• 1 Cup of Coconut Rum (Replace with Coconut Syrup for a VIRGIN drink)



• Blueberries- Take 3/4 of your berries and place them in a blender or Food Processor and puree fruit for 2 minutes. Place to the side

• Lime- Cut 1 lime in 1/2 and squeeze the juice into a the pitcher

• Fill the pitcher with ice about half way full

• Add the 1 cup of Coconut Rum ( or Coconut Syrup for a Virgin Recipe) to the pitcher

• Add the Blueberry Puree to the pitcher

• Fill the pitcher with the Trop. 50 juice and lightly stir


• In each individual glass add 5 fresh blueberries

• Fill each glass with the Caribbean Splash

• Cut a lime into 1/2 circles and slice the circle in the center 1/2 way

• Place the lime 1/2 circle on the edge of the glass

• Use decorative Straws for the added touch



What is your favorite drink during the summer?


  1. Pamela Gurganus says

    This sounds so delicious and refreshing! My mom is hosting a bridal shower next month and I’m going to suggest this recipe to her!

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