Have an EPIC Family Night With Digornio & Tollhouse


We love to have family night, usually it is just watching a movie or hanging out in the den playing our favorite board games. Doing the same old same old gets boring so we decided we would have to mix it up one time. Being the money saving mama that I am, I decided to look around and see what type of coupons I could clip and where I could go to save the most money while still planning an epic family night. I found some super amazing coupons at Dollar General, which just happens to be right down ...

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The Dummies Guide To Social Media

The Dummies Guide To Social Media

The Dummies Guide To Social Media If you are not currently using social media for your business or if you find that you are a beginner in this field of social media marketing for your brand, then keep on reading. You are not alone, the social media marketing field is full of so many platforms to keep up with and it can be difficult to figure out the proper way to maintain a presence on all of the social media platforms available to you. Today we are here to lighten your load, with the dummies ...

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Great Toolbox Solutions


Great Toolbox Solutions No garage should be without a toolbox, full of those important items that keep things together, tear things apart or for creating something brand new. The problem is keeping all those tools organized and easily accessible. These simple solutions can help keep your toolbox neat and those tools close to your hands while you work. Stacking Tool Boxes One of the biggest problems you face with a bulky garage toolbox is that it takes up too much space. Instead of storing ...

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5 Unusual Uses for Pads + a FREE Sample


About Poise: Take on life’s changes with our expert advice, lively community and Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) products designed to help you stay confident. If you have had more than one child, then you are probably well aware of LBL (Light Bladder Leakage). No matter how many of those little kegal exercises that you do your bladder will never be the same after multiple kids. I for one hate to sneeze or even cough out in public because I will always leak, no matter what. I have had to start ...

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What To Do Before Bringing Your New Puppy Home.

Bringing Puppy Home

  It is summer time and you are probably thinking about getting a puppy for your kids. Not only is it a great way to keep children about responsibility, but it will also give your child a best friend who will always be there. However, bringing a puppy home is just like bringing home a newborn baby. You have to prepare your house (and your wallet) for a new puppy. Check out my tips to making it a little easier. *Please note, I am not a vet and do not claim to be. I am sharing tips that made ...

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10 Unexpected Uses For Essential Oils

Essential Oils

  Essential Oils are so popular these days and I use them for just about everything. I have found tons of ways that you would not expect to use certain oils for. Ginger in an Inhaler Stick to relieve nausea. Whether you are traveling on vacation, having that lovely morning sickness or just overall feeling nauseous try placing a few drops of Ginger in an Inhaler Stick and breath in. Get rid of that fishy smell after having Salmon for dinner last night. I hate how some things you ...

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Free Printable July 2015 Calendar

July Calendar Pinterest

  I am very organized and I have two or three calendars laying around at any time to keep up with everything I am doing and to keep up with all of my blog post. I have decided to share my calendars with my readers. This will print out on a regular piece of paper, no need to buy anything special to be able to print it.- PRINT HERE (Download file to print) *Please do not claim as your own. You are welcome to share with proper credit* ...

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Gifts Your Child’s Teacher Actually Wants


For the past two years I have been helping out in my daughter's class. I have had a first hand look at what teacher's love to receive as presents and what they think "Geeze, another one". Here is my list of things that your child's teacher will love to receive as a gift, and also a few gifts not to get. What to get: 1. Gift Cards - Teachers have to spend a lot of money out of their pockets for school supplies through out the year. A Walmart gift card would be loved in more ways that one. At ...

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5 ways to cut onions without crying.


I love the aroma of onions cooking on the stove, but I HATE trying to cut them up. My eyes start to burn and it hurts to cry. If you go through this too, then check out my easy tips to help you stop crying when you cut onions. Here are a few tips for allowing yourself to cut onions tear-free. #1 - Cut Under Running Water: This is pretty self explanatory, just chop your onions under some running water. The running water redirects the onion vapors away from your eyes, leaving you tear-free. #2 ...

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Why You Should Be Taking Fish Oil Supplements.

Fish Oil

So what exactly is Fish Oil? Fish oil is a form of fatty acid that is derived from the tissues of oily fish. It contains the omega-3 fatty acids,that has gained a lot of attention from the media over the past few years with regard to health research. The older I get and the quicker I approach being thirty years old, I have decided that I really need to start taking care of my health and doing my part to stay healthy and feeling young. I have been studying all sorts of books and with the help ...

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How many different ways can you use Coconut Oil? *Quiz*

Coconut oil has a tons of uses in your beauty regimen.  As a makeup remover, cuticle helper, body scrub, body moisturizer, lip balm, highlighter, hair treatment and more.  Take this quiz to learn how to use apply it the right way. Shop the article: Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo $15.76 - Amazon.com Marketplace Buy now [Your text here]   Palmer's - Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo, 13.5 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 2) - $15.76, Free shipping - ...

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6 Fun Tips To Help Mom Win At Snack Time!

Flower Motts

Being a Mom and having to provide healthy snacks for my little girls while it still being tasty is a job all of its own. Either you find things that are full of sugar are you find things that are good for them but do not taste that great, and honestly, who is going to eat something that does not taste great?! I was so excited when I found out about the newest products from Mott's. They have come out with yummy fruit snacks that are made with real fruit and natural flavors and colors. Mott's ...

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