Caramel Apple Overnight Oatmeal

Nature Valley Muesli

Being a stay at home mom is not as glamorous as everyone thinks. Since I stay at home I do all the running around and errands that need to be done for both my husband and myself. Every morning we usually have somewhere to go or something to go do so I love having something that is easily ready for breakfast that is packed with nutrients. One of my favorites is Overnight Oatmeal. Fix it the night before and it is ready to go in the morning when you are. Recently I had the opportunity to try out ...

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Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry Muffins 2

Do you love muffins but hate having to go to the store to get a bakery quality muffin? Now you can make them from the comfort of your own home. These easy muffins are so moist that you will be in pure bliss when you take the first bite. This recipe has been passed down from generations, so enjoy! INGREDIENTS 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 T baking powder 1/2 t salt 1 egg 1 1/4 cup granulated sugar 4 T unsalted butter, softened at room temperature 1 1/4 cup sour cream 1 1/2 cups ...

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El Monterey Signature Breakfast Burritos helps #momwins


About El Monterey:  Ruiz Foods, America’s best-selling brand of frozen Mexican food, has more than 50 years of experience helping families put flavorful meals on the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its line of El Monterey products are inspired by authentic Ruiz family recipes and the bold flavors of Mexican cuisine, delivering on Ruiz Foods’ legacy of quality, affordable, delicious Mexican food. Ruiz Foods’ line of El Monterey Signature breakfast burritos are packed with real ingredients ...

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Make for Breakfast or a Snack: PB&N Granola Smoothie #Recipe

So I am horrible about getting potassium into my body. I can't stand to eat a banana, so I decided to put it into a smoothie! I like to have these for breakfast. It literally holds me over until lunchtime. PB&N Granola Smoothie Makes 1 Serving 2/3 banana (you can choose to use the whole thing) 1 cup ice (unless your banana is frozen) 1/2 cup milk (your choice~soy,almond,skim etc.) 1 tsp peanut butter 1 tsp of Nutella ( I added for sweetness but you can substitute with honey) 2 ...

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On The Go Breakfast Bites Recipe

On The Go breakfast Bites

On The Go Breakfast Bites Recipe I received nothing for this post, enjoy :)   These On The Go Breakfast Bites are so delicious and really easy to make. They also freeze easy so you can make them ahead and plop one in the microwave when school starts back. Ingredients:  1 Bag of Frozen Tater Tots 1 Carton of Eggs Fillers - this is what will be inside your bite. It can be cheeses, hams, etc. Whatever you like in an omelette. 2 Cups of Sharp Cheddar Cheese Pam ...

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