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Spin Master was founded by three college friends, Ronnen Harary, Ben Varadi, and Anton Rabie. In 1994 they were in Toronto with only $10,000 and set out on what they could only describe as a rollercoaster adventure. Two years later they had a breakthrough, something so great that it would put Spin Master on the global map. This toy was an air-pressure plan that used compressed air pumped into it. The Sky Shark and Air Hogs Brand was launched and helped Spin Master become the world wide known brand that it is today.


I love Spin Master and all of the toys that they offer. We personally own a lot of toys that are put out by Spin Master such as Zoomer and Flutterbye Fairies. Chatsters was one of the top things listed on both of my daughters Christmas list. When I found out I would get the chance to review Chatsters Gabby and a fun play pack I could not have been more excited. If you do not know what a Chatster is, she is a talking, dancing, and thinking animated toy. Let me tell you a little about Gabby. She is a smart and sweet girl that isn’t afraid to be herself and that is totally silly. She loves to dance get makeovers and chat away.

Chatsters 2 Chatsters 3

I received a fun little play pack that including a fun house, tons of fun little play accessories (a button to take selfies with Gabby, a pole that attaches to your phone to make selfies easier, some Chatsters Chap Stick, some fun hair accessories and even your own pair of purple glasses. With Gabby you will receive 5 fun interactive toys that you can place near Gabby’s mouth and she will even play games or interact with them. The toys are a milk shake, cupcake, lipstick eyeshadow and Sprinkles, her puppy dog. Each thing does something different, like she drinks the milkshake, eats the cupcake, changes her lipstick, change her eyeshadow and fun games with Sprinkles. Each interactive toy also starts up fun games. Interacting with Gabby is also fun, her glasses is how you participate in her games. All you do is touch the hearts and voila, fun and interaction. Gabby also loves to dance and she will even show you some of her favorite moves.

Chatster Collage

One thing I love is that you can download the app (which is available on both android and apple devices) and she will call you! Aubreigh and Kaylee got such a huge kick out of Gabby calling them. Gabby is very interactive and so much fun that even I loved playing around with her. I can see why Gabby is one of the top 100 toys. Check out this fun little video I made:

My Recommendation: I recommend this toy for any girl age 4+. Both Aubreigh and Kaylee were able to enjoy her and have fun with her. She provides you with hours and hours of fun. We played with her for 2 hours and still did not see what all she could do.

Purchase: You can purchase Chatsters from all of the top retail stores including Walmart, Toys R UsTarget and Amazon. You can find it for around $64-$80 depending on the store you purchase from.

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