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Constructive Eating was founded in May of 2009. Constructive Eating all started when one of the founder’s children fell in love with construction equipment. Before long the bedroom became filled with construction theme things and the family room became home to all the construction toys. The love of construction equipment even went as far as the child asking to put Cheerios on the floor to act as rubble for his bulldozer. That is when they started to ponder… What if breakfast, lunch and dinner could become “rubble”? Then the parents designed the Construction Utensils and began Constructive Eating. They now have two lines, Constructive Eating and the Garden Fairy Line. Since then Constructive Eating as received many awards for their great products such as Creative Child Magazine, Preferred Choice Award, Tilliwig Sterling Fun Award, Tilliwig Best Family Fun Award, Dr. Toy Best Vacation Kids Products, Dr. Toy – Best Picks Award, Dr. Toy – 100 Best Children’s Products, The Toy Man – Seal of Approval ,The Toy Man – Award of Excellence ,The Toy Man – Editor’s Choice Award, The Oppenheim Portfolio Gold Seal Award and the Family Choice Award 2009.

Sweet Southern Lovin had the opportunity to work with Constructive Eating to review the Construction Plate and the set of Construction Utensils. The Construction Plate is dishwasher and microwave safe. There are no paints used to color the plate. It is manufactured using only FDA approved materials. They have certification that the Construction Plate contains no lead, BPA, PVC, and no phthalates from a third party. The Construction Utensils come with one Fork Lift Fork, one Front Loader Spoon and one Bull Dozer Pusher. As with the Construction Plate there is also no paints used to color the Construction Utensils. All of Constructive Eating’s products are fully complaint with the CPSIA of 2008 and USA made!

I was so excited to find out we were going to be able to work with Constructive Eating. I have a super picky eater on my hands now and the only way I have been getting him to eat his vegetables is to feed him like a baby. I mean the airplane, train and car sound baby feeding. So he will eat them if it is “fun” so what better way to make it fun then by having your own little food construction site! These products are so well made. There is no way your little one will be able to destroy this. It was made to be used by little ones. The utensils are just SO cute and amazing. I think the only issue I really ran into with the utensils is with the Fork Lift Fork. If you notice right where the handle ends and starts turning in to the Fork Lift there is a ridge, it is slightly pointy. With little hands wrapping around it to eat it can feeling like it is poking them but that is only if they eat grasping the whole handle with their complete hand, like most younger toddlers do. Other than that this is the most creative thing I have ever seen that a company has come up with! I always grew up being told not to play with my food but this comes out and not only is it cool to play with your food but it make you want to Fork Lift if right into your mouth. Truly an amazing adorable product and my little man wants it every time he eats anything, even a snack. The other awesome thing is they have a line for girls as well called the Fairy Garden! So they have something for the little men or little ladies in your life to make eating so much more fun! I wish I was able to get some images up of little man using it but he just isn’t into picture taking for me right now, he keeps running off from me.

Check out their products here.

Also Constructive Eating is offering Sweet Southern Lovin Blog’s readers a 15% discount!! Just use codeĀ sweetsouthern14.

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  1. Debbie E Johnson says

    I love this. My Dad owned a excavating company for 60 years and he loves stuff like this.

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