Craft: Magic Grinch Dust

My oldest is learning about The Grinch is school this week, along with a ton of other activities. I found this really cute activity and wanted to share it. Make sure to read the story to your child and watch the movie. My girls have loved watching and reading about the mean Mr. Grinch.


Supplies Needed:

ZipLoc Bag

Green Glitter (around $3 at Walmart)

Place the “dust” in your Ziploc bag along with the card. This tells how the Grinch wants to steal your Christmas, and before heading to sleep on Christmas Eve to sprinkle the dust in your yard. When The Grinch sees the magic dust he will know you have taken great care and to keep the Christmas Joy in the air. This is something that is really fun and exciting for the kids to do.


Magic Grinch Dust

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  1. Jeani Brickner says

    i love this! my little girl was very interested in the grinch this year, so i can imagine this will be a wonderful addition to our festivities next year! ty!

  2. Sherrie C. says

    This is such a cute idea! This would have been a fun project for my three and four year old granddaughters this past Christmas. I’m pinning this so I don’t forget to do this next Christmas. Thanks.

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