A day at the Riverbanks Zoo!!

Riverbanks Zoo opening day was April 25,1974. It is a 170-acre Zoo and Garden that features two distict parks along the Saluda River. The Garden area alone is 70 acres that is devoted to woodlands, gardens, historic ruins, plant collecionts and a visitor facility. The Botanical Garden area opend June of 1995. Riverbanks Zoo houses more than 2,000 animals in natural habitat exhibits. You can learn more about Riverbanks Zoo and Garden by visiting their website here.

I LOVE going to the zoo! I think I become a kid all over again when I go to the zoo. I get just as excited as the little ones do about the animals. I could stay there for hours upon hours just going in circles looking. We went to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC about 2 weeks ago. This was little man’s first time at a zoo and the girls second time. They don’t really remember much though from their first trip. We ended up picking an awesome time to go. We went on the members night. They had awesome deals at all the snack bars through out the zoo as well as fun little things for the kids to do. And all attractions that night that were open were free! My kids were more interested in the animals than anything. We had such a great time as a family!

Our fist stop was the flamingos! There is also a baby flamingo there, but we weren’t able to see it.

They are discussing the Hamadryas Baboons red bottoms….LOL! The kids got a kick out of them. The Western Lowland Gorilla was ready for a nap when we happened upon him. He didn’t give us much attention.

This Slender-Tailed Meerkat was too cute. He just kept checking out the visitors as they were walking by. He did take time to look at me for a portrait shot…LOL. Little man kept saying the turtles were Ninja Turtles.

My Kenzie enthralled in the animals. One picture shows her where she isn’t too happy because the Siberian Tigers wouldn’t come out for her to see them.

We saw all these animals in the Aquarium Reptile Complex.

These are some of the birds we saw while were there. We loved the birds.

My sweet Kay enjoying her self immensely. In one image she is twirling and soaking up the sun as we walk along looking at all the animals.

The Giraffes were ready to go in for the evening when we got there. As you can see they are headed in. The African elephants were eating away the whole time. Little man enjoyed watching them eat. He kept laughing at how they were using there trunks to eat.

Kayla, Kenzie, and Levi posing with the tiger statue. It was the closest we could get to seeing one for Kenzie since the real ones wouldn’t come out.

All the lovely snakes….not a fan of them…LOL

From the Aquarium part of the zoo.

We had such a good time! What is your favorite animals to see at the zoo?

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  1. Cathy Jarolin says

    I enjoyed reading your post about your Family Outing at the Zoo! I too love going to the Zoo. I enjoy watching all the Animals ..My favorites are the Gorillas. Just love watching them as they are watching me!! Lol! We used to take our kids there alot! When my Oldest Daughter was a little girl everytime we went there a Bird would poop on her head! Haha! I would have to take my crying little girl to the bathroom and wash her hair! We were thinking that she had such white Blonde hair the Birds liked it! Lol! We laugh about it still today! Your Twin Girls are so Pretty and your little guy is a Cutie pie. You have a nice looking family..Thankyou for posting the delightful Post. :0)~~~

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