Decorate your house for Thanksgiving with Zulily!

It’s getting close to that time of the year, for us to remember what we are thankful for. I am thankful for having such an amazing husband that works hard so I can stay home with my girls and do what I truly love, blogging and for my beautiful girls, without them my life would be nothing. This is the first time we have lived somewhere when I have wanted to decorate my house, and I can’t wait to set my table up for Thanksgiving. Here is how I plan on doing it with items you can get from Zulily.
I have an entry way table and my dining room table I am decorating for Thanksgiving. For my dining room table, I love this Harvest Lanterns Candleholder. Zulily has for only $16.99 (regular $40) This centerpiece is amazing and can be used year after year, and the candles can even be replaced.
This Maple Leaf Garland ($14.99) would make a really pretty window treatment at the double windows in my dining room. It could stay up until Spring.
I love hanging stuff on my wall, I would cover every inch of my walls if I had the money too. I love the Oval Thanksgiving Wall Art Set (only $9.99) to put beside my double windows. A simple piece like these pictures ties everything together in the room.
For the table in my entry way, I really love this Tall Twig & Rose Bouquet. It is only $13.99!! It is a very pretty arrangement and can be used in the entryway, on a fireplace mantel, or even on a shelf. There are a million possibilities with this arrangement.
Along with a floral arrangement, I would love to put this Bronze Tin Pot Set ($27.99) on my entry way table. Along with the bouquet, the pot set could be sat on top of a mantel and a shelf, making this a versatile set as well.
I could decorate 2 rooms in my house for only $83.95 with Zulily, and it is something I could use every year and last a very long time. I couldn’t go to Walmart and spend that little and get as many high-quality items!! If you want to get high-quality items and an affordable price, then I think you should Design your Thanksgiving table with Zulily!!

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