For the Lumberjacks that need to eat

Dinty Moore - For the Lumberjacks that need to eat

Even though my husband isn’t a lumberjack, he does work hard every single day. You might can compare the training and the work that he does with that a lumberjack does. He is a leadman at a rock mining quarry. I send him lunches that are packed with protein and calories to make sure that he has everything he needs to be successful every day.  Like my husband, Lumberjacks need all the protein and nutrients that they can get. If you are unaware of what a lumberjack does, these are the guys that work hard to chop down trees and harvest them. They also use hand tools to get the jobs done, versus the big machinery a lot of places use today. Which is really similar to what my husband does. Instead of harvesting trees he harvests rocks.

HERO Image_Ben Sawing

Many lumberjacks train years and years to compete at the STIHL Timbersport Competition. This is a competition where many lumberjacks come to show off their skills and compete to see who is the best. These athletes skills are put to the test on a wide range of skills including hot saw, single buck, standing block chop and many more. Only the best will compete and only the best of the best will win.

Lumber Michael and Lumber Ben

Now I know that you are asking … how in the world does this fit into my blog?! Well the makers of Dinty Moore® stew has decided to train lumbersexuals and let them compete in the STIHL Timbersport Competition. These lumbersexuals are not your typical lumberjacks. They are usually sporting fitted flannels, lace up boots, and those sexy beards we are all loving and seeing around on Social Media. They are fueling them with only the best, Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® stew, to see if they can withstand the other competitors at the competition.

Dinty Moore - For the Lumberjacks that need to eat 1

The STIHL Timbersport Competition will be aired on July 15th to July 16th!! Check your local TV schedule for channels to watch it on. How do you think the lumbersexuals will place? If you want to fuel up on Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® stew you can pick some up at your local grocery store for only $1.79 for the 7.5 oz cup and $2.49 for the 15 oz can.

So let me know in the comments below… who do you vote to make it the furthest, and possibly win?? My vote is for Lumber Ian.


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    I actually like Dinty Moore stews. They are sure hearty and are very filling. I buy them for me but my husband just loves them too. I’m not sure I’ll be tuning in though, I’m not a big fan of these kind of shows.