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Being a parent, it gets very expensive when you want to get professional pictures done of your children. Now, thanks to DropPlace, you can take professional quality pictures in the comfort of your own home. This Southern California company has been offering affordable back drops in a wide range of colors and styles since 1991.

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I have always had a passion for photography, even though I am far from professional. I just love to take pictures of anything and everyone. While I love taking pictures of my kids, I still like getting them some professional ones. As much I love doing that it gets very very expensive doing that every few months for 2 kids. I have been on the hunt for some back drops to use to take pictures of my girls that I can hang up on the wall. I stumbled upon DropPlace one day and was so excited to work with them. I selected 2 6×8 backdrops.


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The first one I picked out was the Yellow Chevron Backdrop.  This backdrop was very huge with about a half inch of white on all sides, but it didn’t affect anything. The vinyl these backdrops are made from are made from are very durable and wrinkle free, which makes taking them from storage to hanging to use a breeze.  I will admit, when I received them I was a little worried because they looked blurry but they photograph perfectly. This backdrop is perfect for taking pictures of my girls and also for any fun related things I want to take a picture of. The chevron is very bright and happy.

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Being a blogger a wood background was almost a must have. I also received the Vintage Rustic Wood 6×8 Backdrop for review. Doing product reviews I like to have a nice looking background for the pictures and I have been leaning toward darker backgrounds than lighter to bring out the products more and this backdrop was perfect for what I needed. This one once again looked very blurry when I got it set up but on the camera it looks perfect. Not only is this perfect for doing product reviews, I can also use it to take pictures of my kids and even when I do recipes. This is the perfect backdrop for everything I do.

DropPlace makes it easy and affordable to get backdrops to take photos of my children. Backdrops start at only $25 for a 3×4, $50 for a 5×6 and $75 for a 6×8. They have tons of styles available so you are sure to find exactly what you need.

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  1. Nikki K says

    These are AWESOME! I’d use it as a wall decoration when not using for photos because I cannot paint or put things on my walls.

  2. says

    I never thought of backdrops being made of vinyl, but it makes sense. Who would want to to have backdrops that you had to iron. Very smart.

  3. says

    I would to have backdrops to take my daughters pics instead of buying the ones from school. I really like the old wood looking backdrops!! They have some great options, it would be hard to choose! I like that it is vinyl, so you can just wipe it off!!

  4. says

    I do product reviews also and I like the tip that most products look good on a dark color background. I will have to look for dark DropPlace Backgrounds.

  5. Amber Ludwig says

    I love how realistic these backgrounds look!! They photograph so perfectly and are seriously gorgeous!! Totally reasonably priced as well!!

  6. Lisa says

    These are so cool! They would be perfect for taking photos when the house is a little messy and you need to find a good spot to take a picture without clutter in the background!

  7. Amber Ludwig says

    I love the variety that they offer!! I mean almost any color scheme and pattern is available! They are all just as equally beautiful as the next!! Makes it so hard to pick a favorite!

  8. says

    I really appreciate that you told us about the backgrounds looking very blurry, but when you took the picture everything was good. I probably would have had a freak out.

  9. Amber Ludwig says

    I love that with these you can have professional looking photos taken right in your home and by yourself!! What a great money saver and great way to save memories!!

  10. Nataile Brown says

    These backdrops are absolutely gorgeous! I like that they come in different sizes and are really quite affordable too. Thank-you for the information & review. :)

  11. mycraftingworld says

    These are so nice. We live in the South. Some of them would be perfect for the background for school pictures.

  12. Sarah Hayes says

    Im loving these! They are so versatile and high quality . The wood plank ones are probably my favorite. I was surprised they are so afforable too

  13. Sarah Hayes says

    Every time i look at these pics im just blown away with how great the backdrops are! The wood planks look so real. And i love that the chevron isnt over powering. Its a great touch to the photo, it doesnt distract from the subject. So excited about this company!

  14. Sarah Hayes says

    Your girls are darling. These backdrops are so versatile that i can see us using one for all the different photo shoots we do. My daughter has never had professional pictures taken and im so glad my sister will take them for us instead. We’ve used a bed sheet as a back drop before and that actually looked really nice bur its definitely time for us to get something nicer.

  15. laurie murley says

    I think this is so cool that they have all the back drops, would be great to have some of them

  16. Sarah Hayes says

    at these prices I can buy a few different ones for different occasions. the hard part is choosing which ones I like best!

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