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So it is Christmas morning and kids are going through looking and seeing what all Santa brought for them. They finally reach their most favorite toy and you get it all set up then you realize it does not come with batteries…. and you forgot to pick some up. Stores are not open, so now not only are kids sad but so are you. You would not realize how many times this has happened to me. Every year at Christmas, the girls have several toys that require a battery and I always forget to pick up batteries. This year they are getting the Chatsters Gabby for Christmas, and thanks to Duracell I have a strong battery that is long lasting and affordable.


Chances are you have heard of Duracell batteries, but how well do you really know Duracell? Duracell batteries are CopperTop All-Purpose alkaline batteries that are long lasting and very dependable. My husband and I were reading the package and were amazed when it said these batters could last up to 10 years. I have an older digital camera that I usually have to put rechargeable batteries in. I have 2 of these Duracell batteries in it and it is going just as strong. Duracell batteries are the perfect batteries to use in every day life. They are perfect for emergencies, lights, kids toys, Wii Remotes, Xbox Controllers, Radios, Hand Held Games, Portable DVD players and so much more. First Responders and Pharmacists rate Duracell the #1 battery, so that should tell you a lot. For the holidays, I know first hand how important it is to have a pretty well stock of batteries on Christmas morning so you are not having to go back out or change out a battery from toy to toy. Duracell should be at the top of your list because of their long lasting life.

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Even before this post, Duracell is the only battery that I will buy. They are a little more pricey than say the store brand of batteries, but considering how long these batteries last and how durable they are, they end up being a whole lot cheaper in the long run. They are the only battery that I will be including in gifts this year. If you are giving a family member something that needs batteries for Christmas, you can get a 4 pack or a 16 pack. You are sure to get hours and hours of entertainment. Duracell CopperTop is also available in the following size batteries: AA, AAA, C, D and 9V. You can purchase the 16 Pack and 4 Pack from Walmart.

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    There is nothing like seeing the boys eyes light up on Christmas morning when Santa leaves their favorite toys only to find out he forgot the batteries. Thank you for reminding me to grab a few extra packs just in case. 😉

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