Enjoying our Snackation Staycation

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So this week has ended up being one of the worst every. My Father-in-Law passed away early Sunday morning that that took over the day we had planned out staycation at home. Well, after everything was said and done, we were finally able to enjoy a nice staycation at home, and since daddy has taken a few days off the whole family got to enjoy our staycation.


Finally, the morning we had all been waiting for arrived and my girls and I were busy in the kitchen getting sandwiches ready and washing the strawberries and getting everything ready for our much-deserved staycation. We were busy making PB&J sandwiches using the new JIF Whips and delicious Strawberry Fruit Spread from Smuckers. Usually I would use PB&J with just plain peanut butter but I figured I would give this PB&J and twist and use the JIF Whips, which with my picky eater who normally does not like peanut butter she even loved it because it has a nice and chocolatey taste.  While the girls were in the kitchen, daddy was outside getting the pool ready. We just could not wait to get a dip in the pool in this 100 degree plus weather in South Carolina.

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With our snacks in hand, we head outside for a day full of splashing and adventure. Everyone knows when kids are wet you just do not want them tracking dirt and water all through the house, so we had a wonderful picnic planned. Well our picnic got overrun with ants wanting in on the fun, so we went back to the pool, which was alright, because with PB&J’s you can really eat them anywhere (plus we were cooled off instead of sweating under the hot sun). While kids are playing they are running out on their energy and they could use a nice boost every once in a while so I knew just the snack that I wanted to keep outside for just this. I got some strawberries (which is everyone’s favorite fruit in my house) and the JIF Whip (which does not have to be refrigerated!!) and put them right beside the pool on the deck. Whenever we got a little hungry, just grab a strawberry and dip it into the chocolatey peanut butter goodness and you are good to go. Check out all of our pictures.




Thanks to Smuckers, my family was able to relax and have a fun filled snackation filled staycation. If you would like to have your own snackation filled staycation visit here.

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