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Our Generation Dolls is one of the many Battat produced products. Battat is a 114 year old family owned business. They came over to America over 40 years ago. The motto of Battat is always been to supply toys with high and safety standards along with affordable prices. With Our Generations Dolls they do just that. Our Generation Dolls weren’t only made affordable but they were made with our children in mind. A quality priced doll created where not to exclude anyone. The Our Generation Dolls are created to help create wonderful stories and imagination out of play. The dolls and accessories can take a child’s imagination all over the world.

Our Generation Doll Shannon and "Magic Under the Stars"

To say I was excited to be working with Our Generation Dolls is an understatement. Sweet Southern Lovin was given the opportunity to review Our Generation Deluxe Doll Shannon and “Magic Under the Stars” along with a Thoroughbred Horse. Shannon is an 18″ pose-able doll that came with 1 plaid dress with belt, 1 hoodie, 1 pair of cargo pants, 1 pair of pink underpants, 1 pair of knit socks, 1 pair of hiking boots, 1 pair of new croc shoes, 1 roasting stick, 1 marshmallow, 1 hot dog, 1 camping dish, 1 camping cup, 1 canteen, 1 pen, 1 rope bracelet, 1 map, 1 loose leaf, 1 travel book, 1 Our Generation story book “Magic Under the Stars” and 1 bookmark. Shannon has long blonde pigtails, blue eyes with long eyelashes and the cutest freckles. The Thoroughbred Horse a brown horse with white and black markings. She comes with 1 saddle, 1 bridle with fabric reins, 1 saddle pad, 1 set of blinders, 1 pair of leg warmers, 1 brush, 1 carrot, 1 bottle, 1 registration form, 1 trophy and 1 course route. The Thoroughbred Horse has a long black mane as well as tail.

Our Generation Doll Shannon and "Magic Under the Stars" accessories

I will start with Shannon and “Magic Under the Stars”. She is just adorable. Her accessories are just as adorable. The detail put into the accessories and Shannon are just amazing, even down to the freckles across her face. Everything from her map to her pen to her shoes just amazes me. It helps push the child’s imagination further, makes them dream bigger. The play that comes from the doll that already has a story to her is amazing and I love that because it makes her not just another doll. It puts character to the doll. The book is a huge plus for my household, well because I have two 6 year old girls that absolutely love to read. Another plus is all the accessories that do come with the Shannon. What little girl wouldn’t get excited not just for the doll but all the things that come with her. I love that she has two outfits, one for riding and camping and the other for dressing up. Her clothes are very well made. All the stitches are great on them. And those socks, could they be any cuter!? Sorry getting carried away with the cuteness.

Our Generation Thoroughbred Horse

Now the Thoroughbred Horse. Can I just say that the detail put into her is also amazing. You won’t see any skimping on details when it comes to Our Generations Dolls and accessories. The bridle, reins, stirrups and even down to the saddle. It all looks so real! I love also that the box can be used for the horse quarters. Shannon fits perfect onto her Thoroughbred Horse which is a great! The accessories that come with the horse help even put a story to her. I love the little things added in, like the forms and map. Even with Shannon. Her map, notebook and pen to write down her thoughts and travels. Our Generation helps with imaginative play tremendously. Our Generation Doll and Thoroughbred Horse will be played with in this house for years to come. You are never too old to play pretend!

Our Generation Thoroughbred Horse accessories and Shannon OG Doll

Want to know one of the most awesome things about Our Generation Dolls?

“For every Our Generation doll, outfit or accessory you buy, a portion of sales goes to Free The Children’s Power of a Girl Initiative to help provide girls in developing countries an education.”

The next awesome thing?

“Our Generation isn’t just about dolls or horses or even miniature camping sets. It’s about this incredible generation
of girls. Girls who are out there today, helping their communities and changing the world (and having a whole lot of
fun while they’re at it). That’s why we like to feature these girls’ stories on our packages and at OGDolls.com.”

You can nominate a girl that you believe makes a difference by going here!

Add Our Generation to your Holiday List for the little girl in your life!

You can find out more about the AMAZING Our Generation Dolls and accessories here.

To purchase Our Generation Dolls or accessories go HERE or to your local Target.

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  1. Linda Manns Linneman says

    This doll and horse are so cute. I have not heard of this company before which is amazing since it has been around so long. I love that they are so detailed and the prices are affordable. Thank you so much for sharing this

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