George Forman 4 Serving Removable Plate Grill in Red {Review} 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

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About George Foreman: The George Foreman® brand is dedicated to providing practical solutions to Knock Out the Fat™ from your favorite foods. From a legendary athlete’s fight for better health, the George Foreman® brand was born as the answer to making everyday foods healthier, leaner and better-tasting – in less time than it takes to prepare and cook them using conventional methods.Our commitment is to developing innovative cooking products that help consumers create great-tasting food that pleases the palate but with less fat. Our George Foreman® grills strive to make great-tasting foods leaner, faster and more convenient.

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I was so excited when I received my new George Foreman grill. My grandparents had one and always cooked on it, but since I have been living on my own (well with my husband) we never thought of getting a George Foreman. I received the George Foreman 4 Serving Removable Plate Grill in Red. There are so many awesome features to this little grill that make it the perfect addition to any kitchen. This grill cooks 4 servings, which is perfect for myself, my husband, and our two girls. it can even cook veggies, which is something I have been loving. It also cooks meals in just a few minutes. It heats up quick, cooks quick, and even cleans up quick. The plates remove making it super simple to clean up. I know the one my grandparents had one that the plates did not come off and that thing was a hassle to clean up. I can cook several different things on this and cleaning is simple with the removable plates. What more could you ask for?? This design is perfect for the beginner griller or even someone who does not have a lot of space on their kitchen counter. It is small and compact, but that does not affect how it works. The feature I love the most is that is removes up to 42% of fat. How could you not want one of these? Check out all of the additional specs:

  • 4 Serving, Removable Plate Grill
  • Advanced GeorgeTough™ Bronze Coating – 2X more durable
  • Exclusive Fat-Removing Design
  • Dishwasher Safe Removable Plates
  • Metallic-Coated Housing w/ Stainless Steel Accents

Not only is the grill perfect for grilling chicken and hamburgers, but also sandwiches. Aubreigh loves grilled cheeses and with this grill it makes them in a snap and they are very delicious.

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My Holiday Recommendation: This would make the perfect gift for the man in your life. My husband loves it because even if it is raining outside he can still “grill”.

Purchase: $39.99

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