Get Comfy in Style with The Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair #Review

*Thank you, The Bean Bag Chair Outlet for sending me a Bean Bag Chair, free for this review*

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About The Company:
The Bean Bag Chair Outlet provides you with unique bean bag chairs at a fraction of the cost. The bean bags come with a removable cover, which is super easy to get on and off. It also comes with an inner liner to hold all the beads/fillings together. Their bean bag store is truly a one-of-a-kind store that takes pride if providing well made, high quality and durable bean bags to their customers.
I was a little more than excited when I received an email to work with The Bean Bag Chair Outlet. Who doesn’t love bean bags??? We were sent the Faux Fur Bean Bag Chair in the color Chocolate. I went with this color so that I could keep the bean bag chair in the living room. We also received it with the Royal Mix fill, which is a special bled of beads and shredded foam. This creates such a wonderful and comfortable feel to the chair. When we received the box, I began to get a little worried because here pops out a huge chair, and somehow I had to put this itty bitty cover over the chair. It wasn’t anywhere near as hard. It actually slid right over the bean bag. The Large bean bag, which is what we got, is 37″W x 42″D x 34″T. Both of my girls are able to fit on it and I can also fit on it with room to spare. The chairs are made out of only the finest fabrics available. The covers and a poly/cotton blend so it is safe to wash if something gets spilled on it. Something even cooler, you can get your bean bag personalized. This would make a perfect gift to send to collage with your son/daughter.
Where & How To Buy:
You can visit here to purchase your own Bean Bag Chair. They start at only $129.99 + Free Shipping. To get one like we got is $217.99. They also carry a lot of different types of chairs. Visit here and check them all out.
Connect With The Bean Bag Chair Outlet:

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received one or more of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

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  1. Marti Tabora says

    I had a bean bag when I was a kid, but it was definitely not as nice as these.

  2. Barrie says

    Many, many moons ago I had a bean bag chair as a teenager but it didn’t look near as comfy as this! I love the color you chose and it looks HUGE!

  3. Rose Reeder says

    I like the cover is washable as I have 5 little Grandchildren who would play with it endlessly.

  4. Jennifer Hiles says

    This would be such a perfect addition to our home. Our house is very small and the family seems to be growing. I would love to have a movable piece of furniture! The kids would also love this!

  5. Alison Gibb says

    I am happy that the cover is washable. I have three cats that will leave their fur everywhere on it.

  6. Cristy Ridey says

    I have wanted a bean bag chair for a long time. This one looks very comfy. I suspect if I get one my dog my take ownership. Thanks for reviewing it!

  7. carol donnermeyer says

    Having a washable cover and the ability to add extra beans is a great feature

  8. Mariah Applegate says

    Love how soft it looks! When I was little, we had a basement filled with toys, beanbags, and a hammock so big that you could fit ten people on it! Sometimes I wonder if my friends actually liked me or my stuff!

  9. Carolann Leibenguth says

    I love that they have a removable washable cover. These bring me back to my childhood and happy memories.

  10. Jeanette LeMarr says

    Wow, those are gorgeous! They would be a great fit for the basement playroom!

  11. Kelly says

    I love these! I have always loved bean bags, but this one looks even more amazing! So comfy :)

  12. Barrie says

    I love how the beads are in a bag. It’s so frustrating to unzip the cover and have beads spill out.

  13. Cristy Ridey says

    If I win I will have to purchase a second one for me The first my husband & dog child can fight over.

  14. Barrie says

    How awesome that you can choose your fillers…never heard of a bean bag chair company doing that before.

  15. angelia medlin says

    I love the size of this bean bag. I have noticed other bean bags are somewhat small for anyone except little kids. I like that the beads are contained and you dont have to worry about them falling out. I think bean bags are fun for any room of your house. Thanks for the review.

  16. maria c says

    It looks so comfy. I love the size of the bean bag and that the cover is washable.

  17. Lisa G says

    These are super cool, a lot nicer than when I was a kid. Really love that you can take the cover off and wash it too!!!

  18. Brutus Duffy says

    I like that this has shredded foam as well as beads. I bet it is really comfy and I like the color you chose.

  19. Nicole S says

    I like that you can wash the cover. That’s a total necessity when you have two young kids and a dog like we do!

  20. Barrie says

    I love the size of the bean bag chair you received. Looks comfy and great for reading!

  21. Jennifer Hiles says

    I love that they have a removable cover for easy cleaning! That is a great feature!

  22. jenn huey says

    So convenient and practical that these bean bags have a removable cover. It’s a must with young children

  23. Alison Gibb says

    I like that this has a removable cover to wash. They certainly did not have that in the old days when I had one.

  24. Pam T. says

    When I was younger, my sister and I had matching bean bags. We loved them and used them until the plastic cover had too many holes to patch. I love that this bean bag has a removable cover for washing and that the chair will be more comfortable than sticky plastic.

  25. Linda Manns says

    This chair looks super. I would love one for my grandkids. Glad it was fairly easy to put together

  26. Birdiebee says

    I would love to have one of these in my living room for my grandkids to sit on while watching tv or gaming. I love the fact the the cover is removable.

  27. Sally T. says

    I haven’t had a bean bag chair for a very long time.
    I find it very interesting of the content of which
    they are filled with.

  28. says

    My mom bought a bean bag for me when I was a kid. I remember enjoying it during times of quiet reading and light talks on the phone. I love a good bean bag and so love this one especially since you can personalize it! 😀

  29. Jennifer Hiles says

    I love that you can get your bean bag personalized! That is really neat. What a cool gift this would make!

  30. Barrie says

    I love this color and the apparent softness. It would go great in our library but I think would be pulled out in the family room more often than not!

  31. Cristy Ridey says

    The removable washable cover is an awesome feature. I think I will have to wash the dog hair off, so I can use it, :-)

  32. helen franklin says

    i love the big blue flame bean bag chair, never had one but would love to have this

  33. Ellen Cobb says

    I love the washable cover! I have a new baby coming and a bunch of nieces who would all LOVE to have a beanbag chair!

  34. Dara Nix says

    I grew up with bean bag chairs back in the day when they were made out of that totally uncomfortable and noisy vinyl! I LOVE that these come in a fabric that looks so comfy and inviting — and it would be MUCH harder for my kitties to put holes in one of these!!

  35. Barrie says

    The bean bag chair looks so big and comfy. Great for curling up and reading a good book!

  36. Allison C. says

    Who doesn’t LUV a beanbag chair? Remembering my older uncle sitting, chilling and rolling out of it, GOODTIMES, GOOD LAUGHS!!

  37. Jennifer Hiles says

    I used to have one as a kid. I loved it but it wasn’t great quality and got a hole in it pretty quickly. I’d love to have a nice quality one like this.

  38. katharine cookman says

    Thanks for the generosity of this giveaway love big beanbags it has been a long time since I have Had one of my own BLESSED BE

  39. katharine cookman says

    I Would pick a blue one any kind of blue would work thanks for the chance Sweet Southern Lovin for Being so Generous with this giveaway

  40. jenn huey says

    I always worry about my pets getting on there and putting holes in it with their claws but this bean bag has an inner liner that solves that worry

  41. Jennifer Hiles says

    These bean bags are priced so much lower than other comparable one’s I’ve seen. I love the color selection too.

  42. Barrie says

    I love how huge this is…two could fit on it so there would be less arguing over who sits on it! LOL

  43. Ellen Cobb says

    Beanbag chairs are so much fun! My aunt used to have a giant sized one that I fell asleep on more than once. It could have been a round bed.

  44. Barrie says

    Your daughter really seems to love the bean bag chair; I bet she rarely shares with others! LOL

  45. Jill Myrick says

    This looks so soft and comfortable. I would enjoy relaxing in this with a good book after running my kids out of it.


  46. Jennifer Hiles says

    I can think of the perfect place to put this! The kids would just love it. Looks so comfy.

  47. says

    I had a bean bag chair only once in my life, when I has a teenager. I loved that thing so much. I would drag it around and only sit in it. It kept ripping and my poor mother would sew it back together until it finally died. If I ever got another one it would be from the Bean Bag Chair Outlet. I hear wonderful things about their chairs. The varieties are great.

  48. alena svetelska says

    my youngest daughter would love this bean bag chair…seems very comfortable

  49. Kelly says

    I love that the cover is removable. That would be great. I have had bean bags in the past (in college) that did not have a washable cover and I had to throw it out after someone spilled soda on it.

  50. Ellen Cobb says

    That’s so cool that they’re customizable! When I get some time I’ll have to take a closer look at the website.

  51. Jennifer Heintz says

    Love that the bean bag is soft faux fur and washable. thanks for the giveaway.

  52. Melissa says

    This is definitely a quality bean bag. I spent quite some time researching bean bags over the holidays and I never ended up making the purchase because I couldn’t find one that had the features I wanted at a price I wanted. Removable cover is a must!!

  53. Laken Ramey says

    Oh wow!!! That one looks so much more comfy than the other bean bags out there! I would LOVE to get one of these someday!

  54. April Farley says

    The one in your pic looks like the suede one. Is it? We love bean bags they are so comfy . A wonderful place to curl up and read a book or take a nap!

  55. Kelly says

    I bet this would be the favorite seat in my house. My family would probably all feel it was “theirs”. :) I bet my dog would even think he deserved to sit in it :)

  56. Birdiebee says

    I would love to own one of these so that when the grandkids come over, they have a place to sit by themselves to watch movies or play video games. I love the color. I would also choose chocolate color.

  57. Isabella T. says

    These look so comfy and nicely made. I love the size as well ~ it’s neat that both of your girls can fit on it. I’ve always wanted a good beanbag! My family would love this!

  58. Ellen Cobb says

    This would be so fun for when my family comes to visit. I may have to put it away when my husband’s little twin brother and sister come to visit. I’m sure they’d break it somehow. lol

  59. RICHARD HICKS says

    I remember having bean bags in my youth and loved them. They are so comfortable

  60. Dana Langa says

    I love the fact that it has a removable, washable cover! Oh so very important when you have little ones.

  61. Lauryn R says

    I love that this bean bag comes with a removable cover! Very convenient, especially when you have kids and/or pets. I remember having the cheap plastic-like bean bags as a kid, but these look much nicer and more comfortable. I am sure that I would enjoy it just as much as the kids would!

  62. Valarie Lee Gentry says

    I have been looking for a good bean bag chair for my daughter and this one seems to fit the bill. It looks well made and I love that it has a removable cover!

  63. maria c says

    I love how big is this bean bag chair. My son would love it. I also like how comfy it looks.

  64. Christina Strapp says

    This would be awesome to have and I think my daughter would love it. I like how it has a removable cover.

  65. Diane Zielinski says

    I never knew they make different fillings. I remember having a bean bag as a kid. I think my kids would also enjoy having one.

  66. Kelly says

    i have been thinking about this bean bag. I am thinking that I would love the softness of the “fur”. I love the feeling of fur, so cozy and snuggly.

  67. Birdiebee says

    I like that this has a removable cover. I would love to own one of these for the grandkids as they are at my house every week.

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