Get Outside and Play This Summer #SummertimePlay

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Wow! I can not believe it is already the first day of summer! Where did the time go? One of our favorite activities to do during the summer is going to the lake. Who does not like having fun and splashing in the water? While that is fun there is also another reason we love to go to the lake. Right up the road is the Clarks Hill Dam. On one side they have a nice little area you can go fishing off of and a fun community playground. My girls love to go and check out the playground and make tons of new friends and I love having a few adults to talk too. Watching kids able to run around safely and have tons of fun while having adults to talk to is what a community playground is all about.


My oldest daughter, Aubreigh, is a little social butterfly. She never meets someone who does not turn out to be a friend. She loves to go to the community park and meet kids of all ages and build friendships. While I have one social butterfly, my youngest is the opposite. She hates meeting new people and is very shy. When we get to the community park she plays by herself for a little while. After awhile she will start playing with other kids and open up and soon they all act like they have known each other for years.



While searching around for different community playgrounds and things to do around my area, I found Voice of Play. Voice of Play is an education and advocacy initiative that was formed to educate and promote the benefits of children’s free outdoor play and playground. Most kids nowadays like to stay glued to their television or to the latest app on their tablet. I browsed around Voice of Play and was overwhelmed with the knowledge I found. On their website I found some great safety rules, which some of which I did not really even know of. It also tells you the benefits of going to play in parks and at community playgrounds, all for FREE. Who doesn’t love free??? Head on over to Voice of Play and check out all of these tips and plan a trip to your local park.

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