Gifts Your Child’s Teacher Actually Wants


For the past two years I have been helping out in my daughter’s class. I have had a first hand look at what teacher’s love to receive as presents and what they think “Geeze, another one”. Here is my list of things that your child’s teacher will love to receive as a gift, and also a few gifts not to get.

What to get:

1. Gift Cards – Teachers have to spend a lot of money out of their pockets for school supplies through out the year. A Walmart gift card would be loved in more ways that one. At the beginning of the year they can use it for more supplies for the class room, at the end of the year it can be used for family fun during summer or to help get ready for the next school year. Also, any gift cards to food places. They can easily stop on the way home after a hard day of wrangling kids and grab dinner for their family. Starbucks gift cards are also perfect for on the way to school for a quick energy booster.

2. School Supplies – In just a few months, all those school supplies that were brought in will be gone. A nice basket filled with hand soap, sanitizer, pencils, crayons, baby wipes, lysol, and tissue will go a long way and save the teacher money out of her pockey.

3. Your Time – Taking a few minutes out of your week to help the teacher with random task will help more than you know. During the first week of school, donate an hour of your time to help get things situated and get names on all supplies. Closer to the middle of the school year, visit the class and offer to watch the kids during lunch so the teacher can have a peaceful lunch. At the end of the year, offer to help get everything packed and ready for summer and tidy up.

4. Thank You Cards – My daughter’s teacher always sends out Thank You Cards when kids bring her in gifts for Christmas or Teacher’s Appreciation Week. One pack of Thank You cards could really brighten her day.

5. Books – My daughter’s class participates in B.E.A.R’s (Be Excited About Reading) and every day they get to check out a book from the class library. Go through your child’s old books they never look at or hit up a used book store and make a donation to your child’s classroom library.

What not to get:

1. Cups or Mugs – Yes that mug may be cute or you would just love to personalize a tumbler for your child’s teacher, but remember that teachers get lots of mugs. Chances are this isn’t her first year teaching and she probably has enough mugs and personalized cups to use a different cup every day for a year. Instead of spending that money on a cup or mug, put it on a Walmart gift card.

2. Body Wash or Lotion – If you know the scent that she likes, and know that she doesn’t have any allergies to certain soaps then this MIGHT work. It is safer to stay away from it all together. You could probably end up getting a scent she doesn’t like or causes her to break out. If you want to get her body wash, get the class a thing of hand soap instead and put the rest of the money you would be spending on a Walmart gift card that can be used on more supplies.

3. Anything Personalized – Yes it may be super cute but just imagine how many personalized things she gets every year. No way can someone use 20 cups with her name on it or 20 door signs with her name on it. How many personlized canvas totes can one person carry? It is safe to say this one is out. Once again, use the money you would use on something personlized and place it on a gift card that can be used toward school supplies.

4. Candles – This goes along with #2.

5. Jewelry & Accessories – This is one to just stay clear of. If you are not on a best friends level with the teacher, then you are more than likely going to pick out something that she will not wear or clashes with her style. Even though you might think it is cute, she may not.

What is your favorite gift to give teachers?

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