Go on a Visit to EdVenture in Columbia, South Carolina

About Edventure: Opening 2003 in Columbia, South Carolina, Edventure is the largest children’s museum in the Southeast United States. Edventure has 8 galleries and there are approximately 350 hands on exhibits. They also have the famous EDDIE, the world’s largest child. EDDIE is forty feet tall sitting down. Children can climb into EDDIE and learn all about a person’s insides. Edventure is located on 211 Gervais Street Columbia, SC 29201.

When I found out that we were going to be able to work with Edventure I was so excited. Edventure is located in the capital of South Carolina, Columbia. After going to the front desk the first thing you are greeted by is EDDIE. He is HUGE. The kids were super excited about being able to go “in” EDDIE. Kenzie kept asking if you would be able to go in his “butt”. Well lo and behold he had a backside to go into his intestines. She was thrilled when she saw that. I know, I know my child is gross. EDDIE truly is neat though. You can explore the human body from within with EDDIE. To be honest EDDIE was the biggest hit with my kids. They loved all of Edventure, but EDDIE was their favorite.

We then went and visited the Wags & Whiskers. It was so cute. It was setup where the child could either play pet owner, vet or even the groomer. It had an xray machine as well as an area to doctor the animals up. It also had where it taught the children the importanice of spaying or neutering their animal. My children being huge animal lovers, they super enjoyed the Wags & Whiskers room.

 Then it was off to visit the World of Work. It is like a little child size city. This area was designed to help children learn and recongnize the diversity of jobs in the South Carolina area. It had a grocery store where the kids could either shop or check out. Super cute area. It was setup just like a regular grocery store.

They had the farm located right beside the grocery store, and they had a area where the farm could send over things to the grocery store. The farm had an area where the milk was sent through for it’s clean process and packaging. It even had a huge tractor for the kids to get on.

Then it was off to the Dalmatian Station. They had a real 24 foot fire truck where the kids could get on it. Even get in the cab of it. The kids could dress up in fireman coats. They loved being able to do that. My son, Levi, was super excited about driving the fire truck. The Dalmatian Station also includes an area where children can learn about having a safe home, and about setting up a meet place on the outside of your home in case of an emergency.

Next was the room with the BIG games. It had a BIG game of chess and connect four. The kids thought this room was funny and fun.

I would have to say the construction room was their next favorite after EDDIE. The loved being able to operate the crane and dump balls into the mixer and watch them all fall over the ground. It was so neat. It was a room full of team work. The crane operator would dump balls down the mixer, then the balls would all fall out on the floor, then kids would take the balls and put them into the area where it would load the crane again. Super neat room. It was awesome watching all the kids, all from different families, come together to make the process work.

We got lucky on the day we went to Edventure. They had a little project set up where the children could build a nano robot and then it would be displayed at Edventure. The girls had to much fun helping pull all the pieces off of circuit boards to build anything, but Levi didn’t hesitate to put together a robot ( with mama’s help). This was so fun watching them get busy pulling all the pieces off. Levi was so proud of his robot and the girls thought it was amazing that they were going to display it at Edventure.

We also checked out the Body Detectives. We weren’t able to do the BioInvestigations Lab, but we did get to clean EDDIE’s teeth. We also learned about muscles, bones, our organs, joints and even our nervous system. The kids even had a chance to do “microscope” surgery, and even found out where DNA comes from and where it is found in them.

We also visited the Sound Studio as well as Open Make. Sound Studio is a room that is all about music. The sound, sound waves and instruments. Open Make is an area that has themed stations and interactive walls. The kids chose to build a parachute and tested it in the wind area to see if it would fly. They thought that was really awesome.

If you are ever in the Columbia, South Carolina area I highly suggest you visit Edventure. It is truly an amazing experience. Parents will get so much joy out of watching their kids. In all actuality it was super fun for me too. I was able to interact with my kids while they were playing. We all had so much fun.

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