Great Toolbox Solutions

Great Toolbox Solutions


No garage should be without a toolbox, full of those important items that keep things together, tear things apart or for creating something brand new. The problem is keeping all those tools organized and easily accessible. These simple solutions can help keep your toolbox neat and those tools close to your hands while you work.

Stacking Tool Boxes

One of the biggest problems you face with a bulky garage toolbox is that it takes up too much space. Instead of storing tools in a big, metal box, consider using more modern versions of the toolbox, like stacking versions that pull open into multiple levels, but close into a small, compact stack. Each level can store many different tools so you can keep them organized as well. There are also versions that allow you to only open the levels you need, further saving space while you are working.

Add Casters

Another way to make your toolbox more accessible is to add toolbox casters to the legs. Casters allow you to move the toolbox around your garage so that tools are always within reach. Casters come in many different styles and shapes so you can easily match the style of your toolbox. They also allow you to move your toolbox out of the way when you are working on projects that take up a lot of room or when you use your garage for other purposes, like parties or football games.

Light Colored Foam

An easy tip for keeping your tools organized is to place thin light colored foam along the bottom of the drawers. You can purchase products designed specifically for toolboxes that have light colored foam for the bottom of the drawer and templates that are placed on top of the foam with tool cutouts in them. Each tool has a place in the template and the bright foam underneath makes it clear when a tool is missing. There are also tool chest drawer dividers available, similar to those you find in a silverware drawer, that allow you to separate your tools so they are much easier to find.

These simple tips can help you better organize your toolbox, keep it close by when you need it and stored out of the way when you don’t. An organized toolbox makes any do-it-yourself project go smoothly. In addition, creating ways that keep your toolbox out of the way when your garage is used for other purposes can make your garage look less cluttered as well.


  1. Rachael Sutton says

    I love the foam idea. They always say “A place for everything and everything in it’s place” and it would be easy to keep track of all your tools. Thanks for the handy solutions!

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