Hatchimals – Is It Worth It?

Hatchimals - Is It Worth It?

Hatchimals – Is It Worth It?

Just like every other parent, I wanted to make sure my daughters had a fabulous Christmas. While I couldn’t get them everything on their list, I wanted to get them at least the top ones on their list. One of them was a Hatchimals. Now I won’t lie. I thought these were really cool too and probably wanted one just as much as the girls did. Getting a cute animal and helping it hatch- who wouldn’t love that?! So I started the hunt for this wildly popular toy. Everywhere was sold out and on Ebay and Amazon, they were being sold anywhere from $200 to $300. That is simply ridiculous so I pretty much gave up on getting them on for Christmas.

Hatchimals - Is It Worth It?

Until I found one…

Yes!! I use Now In Stock when something I want is out of stock and I want to be alerted when it comes back in stock. It just so happens when I checked Amazon had JUST restocked Hatchimals. I headed over and put the Pengualas in my cart and checked out. A few days later our Hatchimal arrived and I wrapped him and put him under the Christmas tree. I was so ecstatic that I was giddy and could hardly contain my excitement.


Christmas Day

Fast forward to Christmas day, I got the girls to open that one up first and the excitement on their face made all the waiting and shopping worth it. They were so happy to get one. Now mind you, a few people have told me the Hatchimals is geared more towards younger kids. However, I looked and they are recommended for ages 5 and up. Anyways, once all of the presents were opened they decided to go ahead and hatch their animal. First, the egg on the top is not the actual egg, the egg is on the inside and is pretty small. There are a few stages for the Hatchimal, like the egg, baby, toddler, etc. Well even though it is in an egg you can still interact with it. My daughters were just ready to get it hatched and start playing with it.

The Review

Let’s first start by saying I ended up hatching this thing. It held my girl’s interest for about 20 minutes if that. My oldest was determined to hatch this thing but with what all Santa got them, then what all my husband and I got them, she really wanted to check out her other toys. Since unwrapping was done, I asked if she wanted me to rub it and get it started to hatch while she checked out her other stuff and played. She said yes. The egg constantly needs to be rubbed, and if you stop it will go to sleep. Well really if it just doesn’t want to keep hatching then it does something else and all that rubbing was for nothing. Well fast forward another 40 minutes and we had our first crack! This got the girls wanting to hold it again and try and get it to hatch and they were excited to see the pecking… until it took another 40 minutes for it to even break through again. At this point, I asked the girls if they wanted me to just go ahead and help it out of its shell and they said yes. We got him out and he is pretty adorable, so I told my daughters it was there turn and they had to raise it, and when I say raise it… literally raise it. You have to teach your Hatchimal to walk, talk, dance, play games and more. When it says to teach it to talk, you say something into the recorder and it plays it back to you.

Hatchimals - Is It Worth It?

What did they think?

At first, they thought the Hatchimal was pretty cool. Until they realized just how much work went into it and nothing even happen. My 8-year-old is very technical and she tried to teach it things for a good 40 minutes and nothing happened. She tried to teach it to walk, tried to get it to dance, nothing. She did get it to “talk” which is pretty simple. The only game it likes to play is for you to rock it. My 6-year old didn’t really even want to take the time for it because it does take so long to do anything with, and nothing happens. Their exact words were “That is all it does?! Well, that is not a good toy.”. Sadly, I agree. This is a huge gimmick and it sadly does not live up to the hype, especially people price gouging and trying to charge $200 plus for it! It is cute, it is really cute. I am now the proud owner of a $59.99 cute paperweight.

Is it good for anyone?

I honestly think this is an awesome toy for younger kids, once it is hatched. Around the age range of 3 or 4, I think this is perfect. As long as parents have a few hours set aside to hatch it and train it the basic things. The age range it is geared and marketed to, is not that great. My kids just didn’t want to sit there for 3 or 4 hours teaching their Hatchimals new things and the results are mediocre. This is just my opinion, though. I have heard from people with kids my daughter’s age, and their kid loved it. That is awesome! I have heard some people say theirs hatched in less than 30 minutes, another awesome! For us, it didn’t live up to the hype nor was it even worth what I paid for it. Honestly, I think if I would have got this for them on their birthday or something, they would have liked it a little more. For the hype and availability, I say it is a huge FAIL. I should have gone with a Furby this Christmas 😉


*Please note: I did not receive product nor payment for this post. I just hope to help parents decide if this is a must have or not. Your results may very*


Leave a comment! I would love to know if you purchased your child a Hatchimals and what your thoughts are! 


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