Have an EPIC Family Night With Digornio & Tollhouse


We love to have family night, usually it is just watching a movie or hanging out in the den playing our favorite board games. Doing the same old same old gets boring so we decided we would have to mix it up one time. Being the money saving mama that I am, I decided to look around and see what type of coupons I could clip and where I could go to save the most money while still planning an epic family night. I found some super amazing coupons at Dollar General, which just happens to be right down the road. I clipped my coupons and headed to Dollar General.


So what makes an epic family night? Let’s just call it the three F’s; Food, Fun, Family. One of the coupons that I clipped was for DIGIORNO® RISING CRUST® Pizza. Dollar general has a coupon for $1.00 off any Digornio Pizza, which makes them as low as $3.50. On family night, we like to get a plain cheese pizza and dress up the pizza with our favorite toppings. This way each slice is unique and made just for the person who made it. While browsing around, I was thinking “Hm.. what would be fun to make and would be good to have after pizza?”. Just then I stumbled upon the chocolate chips and thought that a chocolate chip cookie would be the perfect companion. I remembered seeing another coupon for NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Morsels and pulled up the Dollar General Coupon Site right in store to add my coupon. I saved $1.50 on two packages, making them about $1.25 each! I don’t have a go to cookie recipe, which was perfectly ok because on the back of the package was Nestle’s famous cookie recipe, which was what I followed.



For family night, it is super easy to make it epic when you visit Dollar General. Not only do they have everything you need to make an epic recipe, but they also offer amazing coupons to bring your final price down lower. Clip your digital coupons and head to your local Dollar General today!




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