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Hello Fresh is a weekly meal service that sends you everything you need to complete a dinner. Yes, you did read that right. In the box, you will receive everything needed to cook a dinner, complete with sides. For us moms, this subscription service saves up time and our sanity.

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I hate trying to plan meals. It gets so aggravating and it never fails that I forget to grab something and end up having to haul all the kids out and go pick up one thing from the grocery store. Don’t even get me started on trying to figure out a complementing side. That is just going a little too far for me. When I found out about Hello Fresh I knew that this would be my time (and sanity) saver. They offer subscriptions boxes with 3, 4, or 5 recipes and you can pick how many people you are planning to feed. Within a few days, the food will be to your doorstep. Don’t worry about the meat going bad. The contents of the boxes are well insulated with tons of dry ice. In fact, my order arrived two days later than it was supposed to (not Hello Freshes fault, UPS misplaced my package) and the meat was still frozen when it arrived. Inside your box, you will find separate boxes containing everything (down to the soy sauce packets) you need to cook your meal. Underneath those, you will find all the meat needed for the meals.

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I was not sure what I was going to be getting, so when I received my box I was very happy to see it was chicken and ground beef meals. What surprised me even more was seeing that inside my boxes contained fresh veggies. None of that pre-processed stuff or jar vegetables. Actual ginger roots and garlic. I was very impressed. The impressing did not stop there, though! I could not believe that they even included sour cream and greek yogurt. The only thing that I had to use from my pantry was vegetable oil and salt/pepper which most of us have in our pantries anyways.

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Inside my box I had all the makings for the following:

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Crispy Chicken Parmigiana Salad – I have never had  this but it was delish. It is very easy to make and all I had to add from my pantry was Olive Oil. It gives a list of allergens which is great for those with allergies.

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Korean-Style Beef Stir Fry – I love a good stir fry but have never tried it with broccolini, which was what was included with this. Honestly, I could never go back to eating stir fry the way I use to.

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Jamie’s Mega Mushroom & Lentil Curry with Tomato, Cilantro & Lemony Rice – This one was the hardest recipe out of all to make. I am not a curry fan, so I was a little worried about how this would turn out. I was very surprised at how it tasted. I did leave out some curry powder and a little ginger and it was very delicious.

So would I order this again? Yes I would. It is a huge time saver and I tried something I normally wouldn’t. Shipping is free and they delivery across the entire country, so what are you waiting on? Use code BLESSED35 and get $35 off your first box!

How about a nice code for you to get $35 off your first box? Would that make it easier for you to join?  Use code BLESSED35


  1. Karen Propes says

    This service looks good. I can’t always get out due to illness and someth ing like this would really take a load off my husband. We are going to talk about it. Thanks so much for sharing.

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