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Keekaroo offers you style, function, and affordability for long lasting and durable items for your little ones. The Height Right™ High Chair + Infant Insert +Tray + Tray Cover lets your child sit at the table while being in a safe and comfortable seat. This chair is perfect for and children starting at 6 months old. One thing that is amazing about this chair, is that it is completely customizable and can even fit an adult up to 250 lbs! When this system is used with the wooden tray, it is also JPMA certified with the highest ASTM standard for children up to 3 years old. So you think this chair is already perfect?? Did you know that it also helps aid with the proper seating posture??

Keekaroo1Sweet Southern Lovin had the wonderful opportunity to work with Keekaroo. I was sent the Height Right™ High Chair + Infant Insert +Tray + Tray Cover. I picked the natural wood stain and cherry cushion. I couldn’t wait to receive my package because this chair looked so amazing. When we got it, I was a little intimidated because it came in 3 separate boxes. I later learned that the first box held the high chair, the second box held the tray and tray cover, and the third box held the infant insert. The chair probably took about 20-30 minutes to put together, if that long. It is really easy to put together and comes with very clear instructions and you can also visit the site to see videos of putting it together.

This chair fits all different levels of heights, from little babies to adults (as long as they weigh less than 250lbs.). Once I got the chair all set up and the infant insert in, I sat Kaylee in the top of it and adjusted the bottom board so her feet could rest comfortably on it. When she is not using it or if she wants to be a big girl and sit without the insert, I can easily remove it and adjust the “steps” as I call them so that she is sitting comfortably in it. When you take the infant insert out, the 3 point belt stays in place so that little kids can sit in the chair without you feeling like they are going to fall out. The infant insert can also be taken out and used in a regular dining room chair as a little booster seat. This chair has so many uses. Now, my husband decided to put it to the test one night. He weighs right at 215lbs. He fit in it just right and was surprised by how comfy it was. The tray comes with a little tray cover that can easily be removed after a messy meal and thrown straight into the dishwasher… how much more amazing could this chair get? The infant insert that you can get to go with the high chair is made out of this amazing material and is so durable and strong, that it can stand up to your little ones poking it with a fork! It is also extremely soft and comfy that Kaylee loves to sit in it in front of the tv instead of on the floor. This insert is also water resistant (trust me, we spilled a whole cup of juice on it, and the liquid kinda just rolled off and onto the floor).

Photo Credit: Keekaroo

Photo Credit: Keekaroo

This chair is really amazing and is worth the investment. Even after your kids have outgrown it, they can still enjoy it at their desk or in the play room.
Here are a few amazing features about the Keekaroo Height Right™ High Chair:
*Lifetime Use*
*JPMA certified*
*Ergonomic Design*
*Environmentally Friendly*
*3 Point Belt*
*Super Easy To Clean*
*Easy To Adjust*

To read more about the Height Right High Chair visit here. Prices start at only $229.95! The chair also includes a 5 Year Warranty! To find a store near you that sells them visit here.

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    They do have a 5 year warranty. I had a piece that was cracked she it arrived and they informed me of this. Great customer service!

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