Keep Clothes Looking Fresh and New with Downy Fabric Conditioner

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Only having one income coming into the house, I have learned to stretch a dollar for as long as I can. One of the things we spend the most money on is buying clothes. It seems like everytime I turn around I am having to buy my husband a new pair of jeans or my daughters a new shirt because their favorite one is on it’s last leg. Every week I am having to buy multiple pieces of clothing for someone in the family, and that start to get expensive after awhile.  I had to change something and stop spending so much money. That was when I came across Downy and it literally changed my life.

Keep Clothes Looking Fresh and New with Downy Fabric Conditioner

Downy is a brand we all already know and love, but I have been using a cheap fabric softener (I know bad bad) to try and save a little money, not thinking about where it was costing me elsewhere. I recently had the opportunity to check out the new Ultra Downy Liquid Fabric Conditioner to renew my clothes and keep them looking fresh. I seriously could not wait to get it and try it out. I have never really heard about a conditioner for your clothes, I mean I use hair conditioner but never thought about it for clothes. You know what, fabric conditioner works pretty much the same as hair conditioner!! How cool is that?!

Keep Clothes Looking Fresh and New with Downy Fabric Conditioner

 With only a cup full of Ultra Downy Fabric Conditioner in your washer every load, you can literally say goodbye to stretchy clothes, pilling, fading, and give your clothes a longer and happier life.I could not believe that after just one capful how my clothes started looking. I have seriously washed one shirt 3 times this week (we are at the beach right now and my daughter insists on wearing this shirt as much as possible) and it looks exactly the same as when I purchased it from the store. There are many benefits with using Downy Fabric Conditioner, just check them out!

• Downy will protect your clothes from loosing their shape, keep their true color, keep towels from getting fuzzy and pilling, and even makes your clothes soft and fluffy.

• One bottle will treat 120 loads!

• Fresh Floral Scent!

Keep Clothes Looking Fresh and New with Downy Fabric Conditioner

I am seriously in love with Ultra Downy Fabric Conditioner and I do not see how I never tried it before. After several washes clothes are already looking brand new and it has been two weeks since I have had to purchase any new clothes. I can’t wait for another month to go by and see how new our clothes are looking. If you are wanting to condition your clothing and make them last longer, head to your local Walmart and purchase a bottle today!

Downy Fabric Conditioner is available at Walmart and for everyday low prices. Learn more and shop for it here.


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    I can personally vouch for Downy’s power to keep clothes looking like new. My mom used this on our clothes when we were little and all our clothes still look great! I just gave my son my 25-ish year old Marvel shirt and he loves it!

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