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About Apex:  Don’t Pad the Problem. Cure It. Women do not have to live with bladder leakage. Apex is your natural solution for bladder leakage.

While I was pregnant with my first daughter, I always did the kegel workouts so that after delivery my pelvic floor would continue to stay strong. After I had my daughter, I continued those workouts for many different reasons, including bladder leakage. I always thought it was so embarrassing when women would talk about that happening out in public or having to wear pads all the time because if they sneeze or cough then a little leaks out. I did not want to have that problem. When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I kept up those workouts. Now let’s fast forward 5 years to today. Do you think all of those kegel workouts helped me? Do you think I have a perfect bladder and a strong pelvic wall?? The answer is a big fat NO! I deal with all of these problems I worked so hard to prevent. I have found out it is not as embarrassing as I thought but it does get aggravating. Especially after I have  dealt with a bad cold this week with a lot of coughing and sneezing.

There is now hope for us ladies that deal all of these problems. Tons of doctors are recommending this product and thousands of patients have been able to regain control of their bladder using this common sense approach. Enter Apex! Apex cures bladder leakage in the comfort and privacy of your home.


Check out how Apex Works:

  • If these muscles become stretched or weakened, often after childbirth or as we age, symptoms such as bladder leakage can occur.
  • Apex uses gentle muscle stimulation to contract and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, restoring your ability to control bladder leakage.
  • After just a few weeks, your leakage will be resolved and you can enjoy your leak-free lifestyle!


 Apex – pelvic floor muscle stimulator is a medical device that is available over the counter. It will help you strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor and to stop bladder leakage which is mostly associated with coughing, sneezing, laughing and even exercise. Most other treatments require surgery or even medications, but Apex is completely pain and medicine free. With this device you could finally ditch the pad. A pad takes up to 500 years to decompose so even using this device could help save the environment. If you are like me and would are tired of “padding the problem” then this is the device for you.

Apex is only $249. I spend anywhere from $15 – $20 a MONTH on pads and supplies. Within a year, this product would pay for itself, and think about it. How awesome would it be to not have to worry about wearing pads all day every day. That sounds like a dream to me. Check out the features of Apex Pelvic Muscle Stimulator:

  • Soft, Customizable Fit for Your Comfort
  • 10 Levels of Muscle Stimulation to Strengthen the Pelvic Floor 100% Medical
  • Grade Silicone and Stainless Steel Manufactured by InControl Medical,LLC
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Requires 4 AAA Alkaline Batteries

To learn more about the Apex device, please visit Apex online. For the next 30 days we will be offering $35 discount plus free shipping (enter code MBMW15 at checkout). This will make the device only $214 + FREE SHIPPING!! Head on over here to get your own!

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