Make a Fun Monster Sock Puppet

It is raining outside so I figured this would be the perfect day for a fun craft that kids will love! Check out this fun craft:

Sock Puppet

Monster Sock Puppet

1 pair of fuzzy socks
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Googly eyes
Pom Pom balls

Cut cardboard circle that will fit in your sock for the mouth and fold in half.
Trace the circle twice onto your piece of felt, cut out, and glue to both sides of the cardboard.
Cut the toe off the end of your sock, roll the edges around the felt covered cardboard, and hot glue in place to make your mouth.
Hot glue googly eyes to 2 pom pom balls and glue above mouth for eyes.
For back spines, cut two long strips of felt and hot glue half of it together, leaving two flaps.
Separate flaps and hot glue to back of the sock.
Decorate as you desire, we added extra pom pom balls and a felt bow tie.

 Puppet Collage

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  1. Ashley F says

    So cute! My daughter has been really into puppets lately and she would have a blast picking out the sock and colors!

  2. Linda Manns Linneman says

    My grandkids would just love this. Also fun and easy to make. I think I could even do this. Thank you for sharing

  3. says

    This is adorable. My great Nephew has a 3rd Birthday Party coming up. I would just Love to make him one of these adorable puppets. Thankyou for Sharing..

  4. Sandy Weinstein says

    love this, my dogs would go wild. of course i would have to modify a few things for my dogs, nothing they could eat or swallow, and i think i would some squeakies in it somehow.

  5. Julie Wood says

    This is so cute! My nephew would love for me to make this really cute Monster Sock puppet. I will have to get the items to make it with him!

  6. Heather McKenzie Carter says

    I would love to try and make this. It doesnt seem too complicated and might actually come out looking cute for once. Haha, I try a lot of crafts and accidentally butcher them but this one it seems like I could do

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