Make Tasty Frozen Treats in Less Than 7 Minutes with The Zoku Quick Pop Maker #Review


If you love popsicles then you have got to get you a Zoku. Zoku is made up of a team of creative individuals who make and design products that will make our daily lives easier and better. Their first product put into production is The Quick Pop Maker.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker

When I received The Quick Pop Maker I was so happy and couldn’t wait to use it. It comes in a wide range of colors including white, red, orange, green and blue. I have seen these in stores everywhere but have not had the chance to try one. I was really curious to see how it made popsicles in as little as 7 minutes, and if it really did as good as it says. In the box, it comes with the maker, 6 durable and reusable plastic pop sticks, 6 drip guards, and a special tool that helps to release the frozen popsicles. You can only make 3 popsicles at a time, and it says you can make up to 9 pops before refreezing the unit again.


The Maker is filled with what sounds like water, so it has to be placed in the freezer for at least 24 hours before you can start making your popsicles. I was a little sad but we waited. For my first set of popsicles I tried out making those Sprite and Gummy Bear popsicles. I didn’t have Gummy Bears so we used Gummy Worms. I put the gummy worms in first, then the Sprite, then the stick. I later found out (after reading the instructions. Always read the instructions first J ) that you need to stick the stick in first THEN put all the goodies in there. Once I filled them, I placed them back in the freezer ( I didn’t see anywhere that said if you did or did not, so I did just to be safe) and timed it for 7 minutes. My fridge is older so it actually took around 9 minutes but sure enough, out came really cool popsicles. Next I made a Strawberry Banana Yogurt Popsicle. Head on over here and read my recipe for it.

Zoku Sprite Pops

The Quick Pop Maker can make those really cool striped pops, yogurt pops, flavored core pops, any type of popsicle your imagination can create. This is really nice to have in the house for the girls to enjoy a healthy popsicle after dinner. It also makes it fun for me to get my fruits in daily. I highly suggest this as a staple in anyone’s freezers. If you would like to purchase one, you can visit the Zoku Shop here. They are only $49.95.

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  1. Kelly says

    This is so cool, no pun intended. I love popcycles but I find that when I make them they just sit in the freezer and I never get to them. Instead with this I would make them, and in 7 minutes have a great treat. Perfect.

  2. Linda romer says

    I have been dying to get one of these, they look so cool-no pun intended. I think my son and I will have a great time with this product.

  3. K. Finn says

    I would love to experiment with a Zoku. We have made Strawberry Banana smoothies all the time, and they are great, but I think I would like to try Popsicles next. I too have to focus to make sure I get enough fruits in daily.

  4. Kelly says

    I love the pop-cycles that are on the box. That watermelon looking one is so cute! I am sure I would not be nearly as talented,but it would be such fun to try :) Plus, worse case scenario if I failed at a flavor/look I could do another attempt right away!

  5. mary gallardo says

    You have no idea how my daughter would go bananas if she had one of these! She has made me watch tutorials on youtube on how to make them. haha and you can’t beat 7 minutes!!

  6. Marcia Lee says

    One comment said it was good for impatient kids. I’m in that category. Once I add those gorgeous summer fruits into the Zoku, I want to see how they will look and how they will taste. Seven minutes is outrageously fast!

  7. Laurie Nykaza says

    This looks wonderful to make your own pops. My son has to eat gluten free making my own guarantees he is getting that so he wont get sick while eating them. I would make berry pops the kids would love them.

  8. says

    My freezer has a burnt element in it, so it doesn’t get as cold as most freezers, and it still works in around 7-9 minutes for me!

  9. Kelly says

    My husband just made some lemonade. I bet it would taste super yummy and be really refreshing.

  10. mary gallardo says

    I have actually made the gummy bear and sprite ice pops before. My kids think they are neat!

  11. Russell Moore says

    this would be great for my grandkids. They could experiment and come up with flavors that no grownup would touch.

  12. Kelly says

    The sprite gummy bears would be really fun for a party. Like a little surprise. I think the core pops sound really interesting too.

  13. mary gallardo says

    That’s so cool that you can make pops up to 3 times without having to refreeze! So neat!

  14. mary gallardo says

    I read your recipe for the banana strawberry yogurt pops. They sound delicious! =)

  15. Lauryn R says

    I have been wanting some really cool popsicle molds for a long time now, I just never seem to get around to buying them. I cannot believe that this one makes them in only 7 minutes, that sounds almost too good to be true! The kids and I would definitely have a blast inventing all kinds of popsicles with this!

  16. Ashley says

    Sprite and gummy bears sounds like it would be really good! I used to put skittles in my sprite and let the color/flavor dissolve…but they’d probably harden too much in a popsicle!

  17. mary gallardo says

    My daughter would definitely get so much use out of this! We make ice pops constantly,,. She is kind of a junkie! haha

  18. Marcia Lee says

    I just can’t get my head around a popsicle that can be made in 7 minutes, but I excited to find out about the Zoku Quick Pop Maker. I would love to be able to crank out healthy snacks in 7 minutes.

  19. Kelly says

    I am curious… Did you try making any of the fancy kind. Like the orange creamsicles? They look really hard to do. But they look wonderful.

  20. mary gallardo says

    I think for the use we would get out of it, you can’t beat the price! I think this is such a neat product!

  21. says

    I haven’t tried anything really fancy yet. For the creamsicles you would put the popsicle sticks in and then pour some orange juice and let it sit for about 3 minutes. The outside will be frozen, but there will be some juice still on the inside. You can use a siphon type tool to get the juice out from the inside and then add in what you would like into the inside (like a yogurt type mix) and stick the popsicle stick back in and let it sit for around 5-7 minutes and then you will enjoy a nice Orange Creamsicle :)

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