Meeno Babies “Cool Mee” Seat Liner Review

Meeno Babies was founded in 2010. Meeno Babies creates products that are innovative for any parent. ┬áMeeno Babies was created by parents just like you that want to keep their kids cool and sweat free while in their seats. That is when they came up with a breathable seat liner that promotes air flow and helps to minimize sweat. The Cool Mee Seat Liners are created to promote airflow and to wick away moisture using a 3-ply poly mesh material. This helps to minimize baby’s sweat during travel. They understand the importance of safety. That is why all Meeno Babies products are CPSIA complaint. They have also passed independent third party crash testing by accredited labs on different seat models/brands to provide peace of mind and assurance for every parent.

Sweet Southern Lovin had the opportunity to work with Meeno Babies to review the Cool Mee Car Seat Liner. It comes in a box where you can easily see and feel the product. It comes with all information about the product on the package. The Cool Mee Car Seat Liner fits most car seats for children between ages 1-4 years. It has an adjustable head piece which can be attached horizontally or vertically so you can have the best fit for your car seat. It is made from a 3-ply poly-mesh state of the art material which promotes airflow between the child’s body and car set. It allows for warm air to escape which helps with overheating and sweating, keeping baby cool. It is removable. Also the Cool Mee Car Seat Liner protects the seat from stains and “blow-outs” and is washable!

I love that the packaging allowed me to see and feel the product before I even pulled it out. It comes with instructions on how to put it in the car seat, but really it is pretty simple enough where you don’t need them. It is very light weight and comfortable. I love that it can fit just about any car seat. I also love that it has the 3 openings for the buckle part in between the legs, giving it more range position wise. We used it going to the beach, which was about a 2 1/2 hour drive and it did great. My little man is a big sweater, he got that from his dad. Usually with long rides like that his pants and back of his shirt will be damp from sitting so long. That didn’t happen with the Cool Mee Car Seat Liner. I really wish I could have gotten pictures of it in use, but he had a “blow-out” while the liner was in use. Great for the review but not for me. It really did protect the seat from the “blow-out” and washed up perfect. I am in love with the Cool Mee Car Seat Liner!! It helps keep my hot natured child dry from sweat in the car and also serves as a protection for his seat. And the awesome thing is they make them for bucket car seats and strollers! You will NOT be disappointed with this product.

To find more of Meeno Babies’s products go here.

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  1. Nancy Chipriano says

    I really like that this product fits in both car seats and strollers! Perfect for hot cars in the summer months. Love the idea!

  2. Kathy Lane says

    I love this! It would be nice to have this for my grandsons car seat.It gets so hot in my car and he complains about his seat is too hot.Thanks for sharing!

  3. Alison Gibb says

    What will they come up with next? This is an awesome idea. My son used always sweat, too.

  4. Shellie says

    The stroller liner is different from the car seat liner and do not work interchangeably.

  5. Karen says

    Hmm. I haven’t used the Meeno pad. Does it keep the buckles cool? I use the Kool Seat. It keeps the car seat and buckles cool so I know I won’t burn my grandson from the hot metal buckles and he doesn’t sweat anymore either.

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