Messy Marvin – Marvin on the Move Tote Review

Messy Marvin was founded by Rebekah Woodard. Being an interior designer that has worked with many clients with different styles and tastes, she has always taken into account their lifestyle. When she began designing for clients with small children and pets. When she began searching for fabrics that would not only be beautiful but also strong, stain-resistant, and easy to clean there was nothing to fit that. The only thing there was, was clear plastic tarps and canvas tie covers. So after months of research she decided to create her own line that met the needs of all the “messy marvins” in our lives. All Messy Marvin products are constructed of a custom wipe-able and rinse-able fabric. The fabric has a similar look to woven linen, but the fabric is actually made out of 100% lead free Polyester with a water and stain repellent coating. Messy Marvin fabrics do not need to be laundered. To ensure nothing gets through the surface to your furniture all fabrics also have a lead free PVC backing. Messy Marvin products can go into the washing machine but do not dry as the coated backing may shrink or crack with heat. But most foods and drinks can just be wiped right off the Messy Marvin fabric.

Sweet Southern Lovin had the opportunity to work with Messy Marvin to review the Marvin on the Move tote. It came delivered in a flat box wrapped with tissue paper and sealed with a Messy Marvin log, it also had a card with their other products. The tote measures 19″ tall and 15″ wide. I chose to review the green with hot red pockets, but it also comes in pink with green pockets, blue with orange pockets, ivory with light blue pockets and orange with light blue pockets. The bag has four pockets on the inside as well as a large front pocket on the outside. It has a key holder inside the bag as well. The bag also has a magnet closure sewn into it. All bags come with polished nickel clasps that can be opened to attach to a stroller or chair. They also come with an adjustable soft seat-belt straps to make the bag extremely comfortable to carry even with a large load. And because the Marvin on the Move tote is made from the “Wipe it up” lead free PVC lined fabric it can also double as cooler!

I was so excited to get the Messy Marvin, Marvin on the Move tote. I have 3 kids so when I go out and about I have a load to carry. We are in the midst of potty training my two year old so I have to carry a good bit of change of clothes just in case. Also I always like to carry a change of clothes for my 6 year old girls just in case. Also all my children have asthma so I have to carry inhalers with me. Lets just say I have to carry a medicine cabinet with me because of some medical issues with one my children. Plus drinks for them when on the go as well as all my mommy things. This bag size is perfect for all that I have to carry! It is so spacious and roomy where I don’t feel I have to dig to find things in it. I can have one pocket for inhalers, another for other medicines and the other ones for their drinks. I can fit not only all those things in there but I can also carry my calendar, phone, wallet and sunglasses. We even went to the zoo using the Marvin on the Move tote and was also able to fit my DSLR camera in it with plenty of room left! I love love the straps. I don’t feel like the dig into my shoulders when carrying it, even when I have a big load. And if you are a cross-body bag wearer that is also possible with the straps! Also the unclasp which made it easy to attach to the stroller at the zoo! I also love that it comes with a key holder on the side so your keys don’t end up at the bottom of the bag under everything. With their drinks we didn’t have issues of the moisture from them getting onto anything else because of the material that is made out of. You can literally dry it off with a paper towel too, and it drys up so fast. We have even used the bag for a day of swimming. You can put your wet suits and towels in it without worrying if the moisture will seep out of the bag and get all over the carpet of the car on the way home. With 3 messy kids of my own this is and will always be my go to bag.

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  1. kristina says

    I really want this bag now. I thinks its going to be my new diaper bag soon enough

  2. Cathy Jarolin says

    This Bag is sleek and Beautiful! I love that its also a cooler and that it can be wiped clean I .Love the Celery green Color. :0)~~

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