How much weight did I lose on the Nutrisystem Fast 5?

*Nutrisystem is providing me with the 28 day plan for 3 months for free in exchange for weekly blog post about my experience and how much weight I lose*NSNation


So I just completed my week of Fast5 and have started with the My Way Womens Plan with Nutrisystem.

With the Fast5 you are guaranteed to lose 5lbs in your first week. I’m not even going to lie. IT SUCKED.

On average, I was getting around 800-1000 calories a day. I also did light exercise every day, which knocked off about 100-150 calories. Each day I was able to eat Breakfast (which was either a muffin or a granola type bar), an EnergiZING shake for an afternoon snack (I did not like these one bit, they made my stomach turn), then Lunch, a Craving Crusher Shake (I really think this one was worse than the earlier shake) then finally dinners. I was also able to pretty much have unlimited non starchy veggies, and water. To read a little bit more about what I was able to have and what I wasn’t able to have, visit here.

I had to do this plan over a holiday weekend where BBQ is a must. I was so beyond hungry and was in such a bad mood, but as hard as it was, I didn’t cheat once during the Fast5. Here is what a daily meal plan looked like. I love the Nutrisystem app, it makes it super easy to keep up with what I am eating.


Along with the app, I also tracked everything on the Fast5 Pamphlet.


There were a few meals that I didn’t like. Nutrisystem gives you candy bar type bars for lunch, I also really didn’t like that. But overall the food is really good.


So now the time has come… would you like to know how much weight I lost this past week???

Day 1: Starting Weight 220.6 lbs

Day 2: 218.4 lbs

Day 3: 217.0 lbs

Day 4: 215.2 lbs

Day 5: 214.4 lbs 

Day 7: Fast5 Ending Weight 213.4

That is a total of  7.2 lbs lost!!! I couldn’t believe I lost more than the 5 lbs they guaranteed!! I completely understand why they did this, because it does give you the confidence to move forward in the program and to keep losing weight. Now I will lose 1-2 lbs per week. Keep checking back to see just how much I lose every week!! Also follow me on Instagram. I will be posting a lot of my meals and more there daily!

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