My embarrassing story and how Poise Liners helped.

My embarrasing story and how Poise Liners helped.

Poise Liners

So let me tell you about this embarrasing story that I have. Let’s just face it. After you have kids, your bladder is just not what it use to be. I wish it was and no matter how many kegal exercises they ask you to do, it never goes back to its original form. One day a few weeks ago I took both of my girls to Sams with me. I had been dealing with allergies really bad and all of us moms know how bad it is after a few kids and you start to sneezing.

Poise 3.1

Well usually I just sneeze a little and only a little sneaks out. So really not enough to warrent wearing a big and huge and bulky pad. Well I had a sneeze attack in the middle of Sams, but thought I held my muscles so I would not really leak.. Yeah… um… that would have been a good theory. About 2 aisles over my daughter, who is walking with her grandmother behind me, walks up and asks me “Moma, did you have to go to the bathroom” I said “No, why?” She then responds with ” Because Moma, you peed all over your pants. Do you want me to take you to the bathroom?” I wanted to crawl right under those boxes and hide. Sure enough I walked to the bathroom and my pants were noticably wet. Wet enough it did look like I used the bathroom. I walked out of the bathroom mortified and my mom took my a few aisles over and introduced me to Poise Liners. She started to tell me how they were made for us women who had Light Bladder Leakage. I wanted to tell her I didn’t have LBL, not when I am only 27 years old but she told me no matter how old you are, your muscles are just not what they use to be. Check out more about these amazing liners. I wish I would have known all of this before.
• Now THINNER, Same Protection
• Absorb-Loc core quickly locks away wetness and odor
• Thin-Flex* pantiliners designed to move with your body with Dry-Touch layer for your comfort
• Discreet incontinence liner protection to help keep you drier
• Poise incontinence products are always shipped in discreet packaging. Packaging may vary from image shown


Now I do most of my grocery shopping at Sams. I can buy in bulk and save a ton of money. I have the Sams Plus, which is $100 a year BUT.. you can go in from 7am to 10am when the basic members are unable to shop. I have noticed on food only purchases I am not charged tax, when you purchase $500 in qualifying products you get $10 back, you can take advantage of exclusive savings at their optical center, and you can even get extra special protection plans that are not offered to basic members. If you can not afford that, they do offer the basic plan for only $45 a year and you can take advantage of all of their special offers. Like when I usually go shopping I pick up 2 packs of their 10 lb bag of boneless chicken breast for $19 each and a pack of 10 lbs of Ground Beef for only $30 and I am done doing my meat shopping for the month. This was the first time that I have ventured out of their food section to buy something. I was very surprised when I found out that the Poise Very Light Absorbancy Liners came to only .09 cent each!! The entire box was only $11.68, which equals a savings of $4 compared to buying at another store!! This package contains 132 liners. This means that if you only have to wear one a day, like if you are going out, this package would last you almost 5 months, for only $11. 68. I have noticed while these are light liners, they work very well for your first and last days of the wonderful mother nature making her visit.

Sams Plus Member

If you would like to find out more, visit your local Sam’s Club or buy your membership here. Trust me, you won’t regret it. I have been a proud member since Feb. and wouldn’t change it for the world.

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