My First Impression with LuLaRoe

My First Impression on LuLaRoe Leggings


I’m going to admit, when the LuLaRoe craze first started, I thought these people were crazy spending $25+ on some leggings. I didn’t see what the big deal was over these and was a little aggravated when people would randomly add me to these LuLaRoe groups. I did not even know that they offered items other than the leggings.

In case you haven’t heard of LuLaRoe, they sell simply comfortable clothing that is lightweight enough for hot summer days, but warm enough for winter. Each print is only made into 2500 leggings, dresses, shirts, etc and will not be made again. Not only do they sell leggings, but also dresses, skirts, shirts and more for women. LuLaRoe also carries clothing for Men and Kids.

Well, this all changed when one of my good friends became a consultant. I was still thinking it was crazy for people to be paying this for some leggings, but I was ready to help support her business and help her succeed. Well, she made a group, which from what I understand, is pretty much the only way consultants can sell their products, other than online and in home parties and such. She posted a few giveaways, where you had to join other consultants groups to be entered to win. Each Loop, which was what these giveaways were called, had one grand prize winner and several runner-ups.

Lularoe First Impression

I signed up with two different loops because I was getting curious as to these crazy patterns and wanted to see if any caught my eye. On my second loop, I WON! Now I didn’t win the grand prize, but I did win a pair of leggings. Heather, the consultant I won from, was very excited to help me out and get my size since I know nothing about LuLaRoe. She asked my favorite colors and my prize was on the way. I received my leggings in less than a week.

LuLaRoe Leggings First Impression

Now, I could not wait to feel these bad boys, because there is such a hype over these right now, that I imagined they would feel like a cloud and if they didn’t, I would have been a little upset. My first impression was three simple words; OH MY GOSH!!! They did feel like clouds. They were literally one of the best things I have ever felt. They fit me perfectly (I am a TC) and the print she picked out, described me perfectly. I can see why someone would pay $25 for a pair of these leggings now. I have literally never felt anything better. It feels like it should be illegal to wear these out in public because they are so soft and comfortable.

LuLaRoe Leggings First Impression

With that being said, I already have a wishlist. I am on the lookout for a few prints of leggings, I am on the hunt for an amazing Azure print, I am on the lookout for Aztec prints for my kids. I can’t wait to have my whole closet lined with LuLaRoe prints and clothing.

Once again, a HUGE shout out to Heather, for making me a LuLaRoe addict. Join her group for great sales!


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    They are looking comfy and trendy, seems I am going to do more research and who knows ordering too lol, Thanks for sharing this lovely blog with us.

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