Nature Valley Cereal

First let me say Happy National Cereal Day!! Let’s be honest though, cereal day should be every day, especially with the new goodness from Nature Valley Cereal. Oh, Wait?!?! Have you not heard yet? Nature Valley now makes cereal in three delicious flavors; Honey Oat Clusters, Chocolate Oat Clusters, and Baked Oat Bites.

Nature Valley Cereal

Celebrate National Cereal Day (or pretty much any day) with these new cereals that are making their debut in grocery stores across the nation. Honey Oat Clusters combines oat clusters, wheat flakes and corn flakes with a touch of honey. Plus when you add milk to it, there is 12g of protein. How is that for a filling breakfast. This was by far my favorite. It is just sweet enough and has the perfect crunch to milk ratio. Baked Oat Bites are cinnamon baked squares with a light, sweet drizzle and 11g of protein when combined with milk. The Baked Oat Bites are a really good snack on their own and a great addition to any lunch for your kids. Last but certainly not least, is the Chocolate Oat Clusters. As you can guess, this is the perfect breakfast for kids and is packed with 12g of protein. Kids will love it because the cereal combines oat clusters with chocolate, wheat flakes and corn flakes. My daughters could not believe I was serious when they noticed they were getting chocolate for breakfast. For mom, knowing my kids are getting a wonderful and filling breakfast is the best thing I could ask for. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Nature Valley Cereal

The final icing on the case, was just how much fiber is in one serving. 23g of whole grain per serving, which is almost half of the daily recommended amount. Wow! This is one breakfast ( and snack) we do not mind eating. Want for me to make it even better? I am sharing a $1.00 off coupon on one box! Making this less than $3.00 per box.

Get your coupon.

Nature Valley Cereal

So let me know below, which one is your favorite?


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