Piggyhatespanda Penelope Cloth Doll Review!!

Piggyhatespanda was launched in 2012. They make handmade stylish dolls and such for children as well as adults. Piggyhatespanda dolls are created with great care and attention to detail to make sure that you will have a lovable, baby-safe friend to last. Piggyhatespanda dolls are fully customizable so each doll can be suited to each individual. They can switch of the colors, faces, hairstyles, and/or outfits to please you or your little one.

Sweet Southern Lovin had the opportunity to work with Piggyhatespanda to review the Penelope 18″ cloth doll. She features hand embroidered details. She is made with only the most finest durable materials. Penelope is baby safe and can be gently washed with cool water and mild soap. Her hair can be customized as well as her skin. Her materials include a cotton poly fil, wool blend, bamboo felt, and linen. She comes with the cutest twirled buns tied up with a blue gray yarn. She has adorable rosy cheeks. Her eyes and mouth are beautifully embroidered on. She has on a beautiful blue dress with a gray flower at the waist as well as a dark denim jacket. She also has on cute black knee highs with embroidered toes.

I literally gasped when I opened up my package. Penelope was just breathtakingly gorgeous! All the details that were put into her are just amazing. My girls had the hardest time keeping their hands off until I could finish the review. From her dress to her delicate embroidered eyes, just gorgeousness! The quality of the materials are just amazing. And when it says made for children or adults, she wasn’t kidding. I didn’t want to give her up. It brought me back to a little girl. You can really tell the time and details that were put into making Penelope. There is nothing ruff on this doll. She is truly huggable and loveable. The perfect doll to have at night to cuddle and then tea parties for when you wake up. I actually had to assign days for the girls to each play with her because they were fighting over her. If you are looking for a awesome well made doll with a lot of thought and details put into it then you really really need to check out Piggyhatespanda. This doll truly surpasses my expectations.

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  1. Kathy Lane says

    What a cute little doll. I love that she is handmade and can be washed if she gets dirty.I also love that these dolls can be customized too.

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