Play Love Laugh, Inc. Polish Review

Play Love Laugh, Inc. started up December of 2013. Play Love Laugh, Inc. makes polishes that are hand-made, hand-filled, 5-free, non-toxic, odorless, kid friendly, gluten free, quick drying, water based peel off made with fruits and vegetables. They also use a mineral that is know to help nail integrity. Play Love Laugh, Inc. doesn’t use any carcinogenic products such as, FD&C’s. They also don’t use any plastic (plasticizes), nitrocellulose, alcohol, or acetates. Play Love Laugh’s polishes are made to be gentle and safe. Women who want themselves and daughters to have beautiful nails to play, love, laugh and enjoy wearing without the harsh chemicals or orders, then this polish is for you. Because the polish is peel off you do not need smelly nail polish remover or extras expenses just to take off your polish. Play Love Laugh’s polishes are even safe for expecting moms and even doggies to wear.

Sweet Southern Lovin had the opportunity to work with Play Love Laugh, Inc. to review their Go Pink polish and Grapelicious polish. They came delivered in a cute little mesh bag along with a paper explaining everything about the polishes. You will notice though that the polishes can separate slightly or a lot. The reason is because Play Love Laugh doesn’t use and plasticizers in their polish. The ingreidient list is very small. Consisting of water-soluble/non-toxic copolymer, fruit, vegetables, natural mineral, pure cane sugar. They also may include non-toxic pigments, and/or non-toxic glitter. With the Play Love Laugh polish you just shake and apply 2 coats, with smaller hands usually only 1 coat is necessary. Depending on your lifestyle they will last from 1-7 days on fingernails and on toenails up to 14 days. Play Love Laugh offers a variety of nail polishes for every girl, tween, teen, and women.


The Go Pink polish has got to be my favorite of the two, but only because I am a pink kind of girl. But the Grapelicious polish is just as amazing as Go Pink polish. Literally all it took was two quick coats and I was done. It didn’t take them long to dry either. And with being a mom to 3 kids that is important when it comes to my polish. I’m just truly surprised how vibrant the colors are. I really thought you were going to be able to see my nail through the polish after the two coats, but you couldn’t.  I was actually skeptical about these polishes at first. I thought, ok as soon as I get in the shower it going to come right off. Wrong. The colors are just awesome and I LOVE how it just peels off under warm water, but doesn’t chip! I wore it 3 days straight washing dishes and doing all my other household things and not ONE chip! The polish didn’t come off until I peeled it off myself. And once you are ready to peel it off it is so easy. I really love these polishes. I cannot wait to order more. These are going to be my go to polishes for my girls all the time now. They truly shocked me with their amazing quality and around awesome product!

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  1. Sherrie C. says

    My granddaughter loves to paint her nails but I hate that most polishes contain harmful chemicals. It’s nice to be able to purchase nail polish that is free of chemicals like the ones you have featured above. Thanks for the introduction.

  2. CP says

    It’s basically Elmer’s Glue with color added. Add some eye shadow to Elmer’s Glue and you’ll get the same thing for a lot less money.

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