Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

The start of kindergarten is a huge milestone for your child as well as you the parent, it is important to set your child up for success in their next chapter of heading to school because they will start to learn more about communication versus actual academics. While kindergarten does introduce and work on some academics, overall this year of school is more about teaching children how to engage actively and respectfully in society. If you are nervous about whether your little one is ready or not, don’t fret, we have advice on how to get prepared for kindergarten.

While kindergarten primarily focuses on the social aspects of school life, there are some things your child should academically know. Usually they require your child to be able to know their ABC’s, spell their first name and be able to count a bit. Letter recognition is very important too; your child will be tested throughout the course of the school year on which letters they know based upon eye sight. In addition to this knowledge, your child should be able to hold a writing utensil properly, if not the school will assist your child in learning how to properly hold their writing utensils.

Discuss your child’s feelings about kindergarten, try not to lead the conversation, ask questions that leave the ability for your child to answer them on their own. For example, you can ask them how they are feeling about going to school or if they have any questions about kindergarten. Try to engage your child in exciting conversations about this next stage in their life as a means to avoid separation anxiety later on. When a child is prepared to be excited about their new school, it alleviates the potential of dropping your child off kicking and screaming on their first day.

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

The last step to preparing your child for kindergarten is to instill the life skills of good manners, sharing and listening skills. In kindergarten there will be story time, chances to play with peers and show and tell scenarios that require your child to have a longer attention span than was previously required of them. Perhaps taking your child to some social outings the Summer before kindergarten starts will allow them to be engaged in society as a means to practice some of their listening and sharing skills as well as good manners. There is nothing that makes a parent more proud than to hear from the teacher that their child has surpassed expectations, so work hard at preparing your child for kindergarten, but remember the teacher won’t expect your student to know it all on that first day.


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    We have another year before we’re ready for Kindergarten but I know there are certain things that she needs to know before she starts. :)

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