Prize Candles… A Prize In Every Candle!!

Prize Candle


I am sure by now you are hearing about the latest craze, Prize Candles. These are candles that have a nice little surprise for you in them, a ring. Prize Candles are very different than most. They are a 100% All natural soy candle. Each ring that is inside has a value of either $10 up to $5000!! These candles are really easy to figure out. Once you light your candle you wait until you can see the prize, which is in a little pouch so it stays clean. When you finally see the prize pouch (My candle has been burning a good 4 hours and I can just see the top of the pouch) you can pull it out with a pair of tweezers. Then you unwrap your pouch and discover your ring. You can then visit the appraisal page to see how much your ring is worth.


Each candle is only $24.99 and you are guaranteed a ring that is worth at least $10. These candles smell amazing and are available in Blue Cypress, First Snow , Mountain Sage, and Pumpkin Spice.  Head on over here to purchase your own Prize Candle.

Sweet Southern Lovin has had the opportunity to work with Prize Candle. I have been wanting to try out a Prize Candle for awhile now and was so happy when I received an email from them. Want to know what goody I received in my candle?? Keep checking back for my big reveal post!!!

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